Pioneer DVR-118L Results


Bit confused…

Usually i get the jagged lines facing down when i do a scan result.

Done 2 burns with this new writer and 2 scans and each one of them has come up with a jagged line but facing upwards!

Any idea what it means?


A glitch in the P-CAV?

whats that?

Is this something which can be fixed with my software or isit a hardware problem?

Or is it even a problem at all???

A glitch is sort of like a spike in a program or device. It’s not a big deal, unless they keep coming back. I think 2 discs is not a recurring feature yet.

The P-CAV is a writing technique and means Partial Constant Angular Velocity. P-CAV is a combination of CLV and CAV.
The transfer rate increases until the drive reaches it’s maximum speed (CAV). From that point the drive will slow down and the transfer rate will be constant (CLV).

Because P-CAV drives reach their maximum speed much sooner than CAV drives, the average transfer rate should be higher.

Thanks for your help.

So is this quite common with the 1st 2 burns i do then?

I did do a flash upgrade from 1.01 to 1.02 that wouldnt have affected it wld it?

Does it put a lot less life on my DVD-R’s if this issue continues to happen?