Pioneer DVR-116DBK...master or slave?

The 116DBK I ordered is due to arive tomorrow. I’m pairing it with a Lite-On iHAP422 that is currently my primary dvd-burner. My plan is to use the iHAP422 in place of my aging dvd-rom and use the 116DBK as my primary burner. I think I remember someone mentioned the 116DBK prefers to be set as the master on the ide cable. I know from experience with my iHAP422, it prefers to be set as the master for burning. So, would it be wise to make the 116DBK the master and the 422 the slave, since I’d be burning with the 116DBK and using the 422 for scanning and dvd-rom type duties? I appreciate the help since I’m hoping to avoid having to experiment with the master/slave settings like I had to when I installed the iHAP422…you know, open the computer, set the jumpers, close the computer, test, open the computer, repeat. Thanks for the advice!

Have the same question. :slight_smile:

You NEED to test, because the results depend on the MOBO.

That’s a bummer. I was hoping to avoid having to “test” which setting works best. I went through that when I installed the iHAP and discovered having to repeatedly crawl under the desk to disconnect the computer is a big pain in the butt. I’m just going to go with my first thoughts and set the iHAP to slave and the 116DBK to master. It seems that more often than not, the primary burner prefers to be the master. Hopefully, it will work without problem.

[QUOTE=chef;2233340]You NEED to test, because the results depend on the MOBO.[/QUOTE]yes what chef says is true. You will have to try it on your machine and see. We don’t have crystal balls :rolleyes: