Pioneer dvr 116d

Hi I have a pioneer dvr 116d and i removed my old Sony RW DL burner and instaled the pioneer. After the install i turned on my computer and it read Boot Failure: System Halted. All the IDE cables and everything were connected and aren’t loose. I then took out the pioneer and re installed the Sony and the computer booted up fine. What is the problem when the pioneer is installed? Is there something i have to download such as a driver or anything like that? Please help. I am running XP.


Have you set the jumpers?
Incorrect jumper setting is often the cause of this problem.

@ dman1127,

On the rear of the Pioneer DVR-116D Drive there are letters etched on the back similar to below picture.

SL = Slave
MA = Master
CS = Cable Select

Ensure that the Master/Slave jumper is installed in the appropriate position. In many configurations using the CS (Cable Select) postion is problematic and should be avoided.

Also for the Pioneer DVR-116D to function and operate correctly requires the use of a Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable ( and operate in the Ultra DMA Mode 4 (


all is good forgot to set the jumper setting.