Pioneer DVR-115DBK problem

I just got a new Pioneer DVR-115DBK and the problem is every CD-R I scan i get very poor results most of the time quality is 0 :rolleyes:
Looks like my DVD drive could be damaged or maybe it’s,because i am still using Nero 6 CD-DVD speed tool?

You may have answered your own question there, chief. Try downloading the newest Nero CD/DVD speed from It’s free. Also, Pioneer drives can’t be counted on for scanning. Only BenQ and possibly Samsung. Lite-Ons tend to under-report errors.

Have you tried a transfer rate test on the CD? If that is successful without any major hiccups, the CD should be OK for playback. Have you tried playing it back in a picky CD player? Also, what brand of media are you using? I use the Maxell CD-R Professional ($10 for a 25-pack at Wal-Mart, manufactured by Taiyo Yuden). Those are the only ones I’ve found to consistently give good results.

Updated to version when trying to scan i get an error “Drive does not support this function”

Pioneer drives cannot be counted on for scanning, as [B]Some Random Guy[/B] said above. They do not produce reliable results. [The whole story is a bit more complex than that, but in a nutshell they don’t produce reliable results].

You are better off doing a transfer rate test with the Pioneer to see if the disc can be read back. To scan DVDs, you’ll want to get a LiteOn, BenQ, or Samsung [or a genuine Plextor, not a rebadge]. To scan CDs, you’ll want a BenQ, Plextor, or Optiarc/NEC [LiteOn and Samsung don’t report all errors when scanning CDs]. There are some specific drives from each maker that don’t provide proper scanning for various reasons, though, so be aware of that.

I am afraid burned data may be unstable or it does not mean this?
I am using my burner for Music and Movies.

Nero CD/DVD quality scans are not supported in Pioneer drives after version

Version simply does not have the capability to work with Pioneer drives.
The feature was removed at the request of Pioneer because of poor scanning results.

Hi :slight_smile:
Pioneer isn’t supported by CD/DVDSpeed.
Even when it was results were poor.
This doesn’t mean that Pioneer drives are poor.
Just that the scans were not able (in Pioneer’s eyes) to show a true reflection of the burn quality.
Even Lite-On is very poor when used as a CD scanner.
Only BenQ is any good.
For those who have Lite-On, their scans of Pioneer burned media show. That Pioneer drives are capable of excellent burns.
If you run a TRT (TransferRateTest) & get a smooth unbroken line. Then that’s as far as you can go with the Pioneer.

OK here is my burn test.Hope i did OK.And thanks to all for helping a newbie guy :flower:

@ Oleg24,

Suggest performing a N e r o CD-DVD Speed v4.7.7.15 ScanDisc Surface Scan of your recorded CD or DVD Media disk. If the ScanDisc surface scan of the CD or DVD Media disk reveals all Green (Good) sectors and no Red (Bad) and/or Yellow (Damaged) sectors then the particular CD or DVD Media disk was correctly recorded and doesn’t contain any errors.

You can also use DVDInfo ( and perform a DVDInfo CD/DVD CRC Read Error Test on your recorded CD and/or DVD Media disk.


Another problem is when i am playing a movie the drive is very quite than 5 minitus passes by and it’s starts to spend up.

@ Oleg24,

So you perceive this as a problem?


[QUOTE=bjkg;2071753]@ Oleg24,

So you perceive this as a problem?

Of all drives i have used spend up is as soon as you put in DVD or CD.

[QUOTE=Oleg24;2071780]Of all drives i have used spend up is as soon as you put in DVD or CD.[/QUOTE]

How many and which exact drives have you used, especially with that movie/media?

What i mean is i do not hear washing sound only after 5 min. the drive starts to speed up.