Pioneer dvr-113 Read Problem

I have a Dvr-113nd pioneer drive at least i think i do. Well it burns dvds and cds just fine until recently when i put retail dvds in the drive to play. The drive locks up as if its trying to read the disc and light constantly stays on and i have to reboot to get the dvd out of it. Can anyone help me out thanks.

@ mill0358,

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Have you ensured that you have your DVD viewing/playback software program configure correctly to view DVDs?

Is your Pioneer DVD-113 operating in the Ultra DMA Mode 4? ->

Is you problem with all original Commercial DVDs or just one particular original Commercial DVD?


Bjkg - all my dma settings are turned on. I bought 3 dvds Iron man , Hulk 2 and indiana jones 4. and all 3 froze up my drive the same way.

Right now i just backed up the hulk on my other comp and networked the files to the comp im on now. Burned the disc fine ,ejected and playback on the drive was normal for the burned movie. I put the retail back in right after and the drive froze right up. Even hung up my programs like imgburn, nero, dvdfab, etc…