Pioneer DVR-112D



I recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-112D and installed it using an 80-pin IDE cable. I run XP-Pro, so it was installed automatically. It can read CDs, but I can’t copy anything to it, not even a Word document. I suspected that the driver was out of date and downloaded version 1.15, an .exe file, and ran it. But when I go to Device Manager and look at the driver, it says it is using 5.1.2535.0, created 7/1/01. Do I still have an old driver, and if so, how can I get the right one installed? The site said to read the Readme file, but I didn’t see one. Any help would be appreciated.



You have the correct drivers installed. What you need to do first is check to see if DMA is enabled for the drive.

Read this thread to check the status of your drive.


jrmelton : Your burner should show Ultra DMA Mode 4. The 1.15 is the latest firmware not a driver, windows install the driver for it and if you have kept up with windows updates then you are using the latest driver for the burner :bigsmile: In My Computer does it show a CD Rom or a DVD Drive ? If it shows a CD Rom then go into device manger and uninstall it and reboot and let windows reinstall it


Hi Jim,
I am running XP SP2 and do keep Windows updated. The burner is connected to the Secondary IDE Channel as the primary drive, with a hard drive as slave, and Device 0 shows Ultra DMA Mode 4. One interesting thing: with no DVD in the drive My Computer shows it as DVD/RW, but when I put in a blank DVD it changed to CD.


You might try not having it on the same IDE Channel as the HD, seems I read that somewhere where a person had his on same IDE as HD and it was giving him trouble, And as far as showing up as a CD with a blank media in mine does the same thing as I checked the other day but it doesn’t effect it at all reading or burning a DVD. Also you might try going to the Pioneer Forum as you may find the fix to your problem in there :bigsmile:



The only thing you need to install and use is a proper burning app.


OK, I’m definitely a newbie where DVDs are concerned. Do I need software merely to copy a document to a DVD? I realize that I need software to create a DVD that can play on machines other than a computer, but I thought I also could use DVDs as backup media. I can’t copy anything to this one. And while I’m at it, what software do folks recommend (whenever I get a burner that works)?

I tried disconnecting the slave hard drive, so that the burner is alone on the Secondary IDE channel, but the results are the same. I’m ready to send this one back and try again. Can someone recommend a DVD burner that is not so picky about the setup? I’ll accept any help I can get.


Did you try going to the Pioneer burner forum for help


Just what software are you using to “copy” to a CD? Have you enabled CD burning in properties? Also, it seems you are unaware, but you can’t just drag a and drop to burn to a DVD and Windows routinely shows a DVD drive as CD when there is no disc inserted.


You are correct, Chas, I am unaware. I had no idea that DVDs operated so differently from CDs, and obviously I need some sort of primer to tell me what to do with them. Does this site have one, or could you recommend where I can get the basic information that I need? This is embarrassing, but I’m willing to learn.