Pioneer DVR-112D wont Burn music

Hey guyz sup???im tryin to burn some songs with my Pioneer DVR-112D 1.09 Drive but i dont know whatever program i try it gets stuck in middle part and all i can hear is my drive spining/slowing down again spining faster then nothing else…I tryed to burn it using Nero,Real Player,Media Player burner…it just wont burn it get stuck&just spins&then i have to just restart my pc to get the cd out of the drive,and sometimez it just shows my drive as CD-DRIVE and when i want to explore it gives me this error “D:\ Is not accessible Incorrect Function” I never had this problem before,Im using TDK MUSIC CD-R blank cdz,If any of you guyz can help me out and get this thing fixed to burn songz and stuff then please help me out tnx alot!!! :bow:

Try updating your FW to the 1.15

I was using other dvd-rw before i got this 112D…Is it normal for my drives to have 2 jumpers at same time?while 1being a master and other as slave,my dvd-rw has 1 jumper and i want it to be the master,and my dvd-rom has another jumper on at the same time while i want that to be the slave,the funny thing is when i go to my computer then right click on my dvd-rw drive then properties I dont even see RECORDING TAB…

Make sure each drive is set correcty with your Pioneer 112D set to master and your dvd-rom set to slave. Also use a 80 conductor ide cable with the Pioneer 112D drive.

I really dont know what each spot does,so for dvd-rw do i have to have any jumpers on??right now i only have jumpers on DVD-Rom if u can plz help me where to put it i would really appriciate,sorry for this noobish question…tnx 4all the helps

Ok nevermind about this post^^^i found out which one is slave and master,i set both of them correctly…
1.)My DVD-RW 112D is set as Master
2.)My other drive is set as Slave
3.)When the Bios of computer bootin up it shows my drives in correct way i want.
4.)When my computer boots up i go check in my computer it shows my dvd-rw as :E drive which i belive is SLAVE…and the other DVD-Rom Drive as D: drive which is Master…their is no Cd or dvd in the drives and i can see for both of them it says CD DRIVE,this is really odd to me and still I dont see no recordingTAB when i go to properties…I really dont know what else i should do,please help!

There was a Nero issue with audio CD creation, think its fixed in new builds.

i was using 40pin cables,i changed it back to 80 now it doesnt even detect either of my drives…just shows my harddrive…anyone knows what might be the cause?

@ Garnett_Buck,

Are you sure you have your Pioneer DVR-112D properly connected to the
Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable and the Master/Slave are jumpered correctly as described in the below referenced Web Link?

Also in some MotherBoard/BIOS configurations using Cable Select (CS) proves to be problematic and should be avoided.


Garnett_Buck: Go into device manager and uninstall the burners and then reboot and let windows reinstall them, best to do 1 at a time


Yes Im sure i connected the drive to 80 conductor cable,and i set 112d to master which i put the jumper in 1st row(5 ROWS To Choose From),and my dvdrom which is Samsung sh-d162c I put the jumper in middle row (ONLY 3 ROWS To Choose From)which is slave…

bro when i go to device manager i cant even see no burners or drives,its like they dont even exist,Im using Ultra DMA (80Conductor) cable to connect to both Dvd drives and one goes into motherboard,and Im also using other Ultra DMA (80conductor) cable to connect to my hard drive,the funny thing is when i connect both my drives to (40conductor) cable my computer detects them,I really dont know what to do know…

:confused: Here’s your problem: 4.)When my computer boots up i go check in my computer it shows my dvd-rw as :E drive which i belive is SLAVE…and the other DVD-Rom Drive as D: drive which is Master…

If your “E” drive is the slave then that should be your dvd-rom and not your dvd burner. Then you said the other dvdrom is “D” which is Master. You have your drives set up wrong. It doesn’t make sense with what you’ve posted.

Start all over and make sure you set the Pioneer 112D as master and your dvdrom as slave. Did you buy a brand new 80 conductor ide cable? If you didn’t please buy one. Use Nero Info Tool and post the configuration log on here. That way we can see how you have the drives set up and to further assist you if needed. :wink:

@ Garnett_Buck,

Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cables are “Color Coded”. The below statement is a direct quotation from the below referenced Web Link.

“”Connector Assignments and Color Coding: For the first time, the 80-conductor cable defines specific roles for each of the connectors on the cable; the older cable did not. Color coding of the connectors is used to make it easier to determine which connector goes with each device:

Blue: The blue connector attaches to the host (motherboard or controller).

Gray: The gray connector is in the middle of the cable, and goes to any slave (device 1) drive if present on the channel.

Black: The black connector is at the opposite end from the host connector and goes to the master drive (device 0), or a single drive if only one is used.””

Do you have your IDE devices connected/installed as per the above quoted statement?

I agree with Forum Member DVD_ADDICT that in your #6 posting statement something doesn’t jive with your IDE configuration. To avoid any confusion and to ensure that your IDE configuration is correct use Nero Info Tool ( and post the configuration log. Knowledgeable Forum Members will review the configuration log and advise on your IDE configuration.



Im sorry i confused u with what i wrote bro,here is how it is,I setup my dvd-rw as MASTER but when computer boots up it shows it as slave drive &I setup my other dvd-rom drive as slave but when computer boots up it shows it as the master drive!!!which I dont want it that way,well the funny thing is neither of drives would appear with (80conductor) i switched it back to 40 it boots and detects both eventhough they appear weird way like i said… DVD-ROM boots up as master DVD-RW boots up as slave…which i set jumper and everything the other way around lol…but i checked manuals for dvd-rw i did setup the jumper for that one right,maybe because dvd-rw is the new drive thats why it detects it as slave drive and uses the old dvd-rom as master…


I know how 80 conductor cable IDE drive looks alike bro,maybe my current cable is not in good shape its old anywayz 4years…it does have blue thing and everythin dat u mentioned,i should maybe just get new one…
anywayz here is the LOG for both drives hope u guyz can find somethin important!!!

Your link is dead. There’s no need to link to another site to view your log. Save the log as a png file then you’ll be able to upload it in here under “Manage Attachments”.

:rolleyes: I’ve suggested many times to buy a brand new 80 conductor ide cable for your Pioneer 112D drive. If you’re refusing to buy a new one then you’ll continue to have problems with the drive showing up correctly in your computer and it won’t work correctly as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Garnett_Buck,

In the narrative I provided in my #13 posting concerning the Color Coding of an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable details how to connect IDE devices to the IDE cable. I previously asked you to confirm that you had your IDE devices installed as per the Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable Color Coding but unfortunately you failed to confirm this fact. Do you in fact have your IDE devices installed as detailed by the Color Coding?

In short is the Blue Connector connected to your MotherBoard / Gray Connector connected to your Slave Device (Samsung SH-D162C) / Black Connector connected to Master Device (Pioneer DVR-112D)? Please confirm that you in fact have your IDE Devices connected in exactly this manner.

If your “Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable” does not have the Blue/Gray/Black connector Color Coding you in fact do NOT have an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable. All Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable have this Blue/Gray/Black connector Color Coding.

From the problem symptom you continue to describe indicates that either you do not have your IDE devices connected according to the Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable Color Coding, you have the IDE devices Master/Slave jumpers installed incorrectly, and/or you have a defective Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable. For troubling shooting purposes you should purchase new Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable.

You have been requested using Nero Info Tool to provide the Primary/Secondary IDE channel configuration log. The information you provided in your #14 posting download is NOT the Nero Info Tool Primary/Secondary IDE channel configuration log but is the Drive configuration log. Please provide the Nero Info Tool Primary/Secondary IDE channel configuration log. This is pertinent information in determining why your IDE devices are being displayed incorrectly.


Here is my drives settings I dono if i had to post the whole windows thingy…Im sure i have 80conductor because the blue part goes to the motherboard,gray to the slave and black to master…but i think its probably damaged or old…I think i have to buy a new one beacuse it doesnt even detect either of the drives but when i connect both to the 40conductor it detects both…where do you guyz think I can buy 80conductor cable from?

My Settings.TXT (4.5 KB)

You can buy it from any store that sells computers and parts, such as Best Buy, Circut City or you can order it online from Newegg or Meritline

Use some graphics program like photoshop or paint shop pro so you can capture the “Configuration Tab” log then post it in here. It will show whether or not Dma is enabled and how your drives on configured in your computer. :wink:

I wont try anything 4 now,because same settings it used 2 work before perfectly i dont what happened,anywayz im ordering brand new 80 conductor ide cable and try and see what happenz and let all u guyz know,but so far tnx for all the helps!