Pioneer DVR-112D vs. Liteon LH-20A1P

Looking at both these drives for about $38. My needs include bitsetting for single and double layer, usually burning +R (MCC004) with IMGBURN. Speed is not important, I usually burn at half speed. Also, has to be IDE. Are these my two best choices right now? Wouldn’t it be better to go with the Liteon, as it is newer and will have a longer firmware revision period? What is the difference between D and L model for the Pioneer? I’ve read L supports bitsetting for SL, but D does not? Would like to stick with factory firmware upgrades…

Pioneer drives don’t do bitsetting for single layer DVD+R media with official Pioneer firmware - you would need unofficial firmware for that. LiteOn drives will happily do bitsetting, but the default behaviour is to not bitset, so you’ll either need a bitsetting burning program such as e.g. ImgBurn or change the default BookType with SmartBurn or other bitsetting utilities.

LiteOn drives have historically had more firmware updates than Pioneer drives.

Both drives should be able to produce very good burns on quality DVD media, especially if you don’t burn at max speed which can be problematic unless you have a good batch of excellent media.

I don’t know much about the Pioneer except for the fact that
they are reputed to be a very good burner.

I bought a Liteon LH-20A1P last week. It is a very good
burner and an excellent scanner. Unlike my LH-18, it is
also very quiet. I haven’t explored it’s bitsetting capabilities
yet, but I believe that it does support it.

LH-20A1P 487C
Manufactured: November 2006.

Both drives were reviewed on CD Freaks:

Good Luck with the new burner.

Great, sounds like either one is a good choice. Amazon has the retail Liteon right now at $38 shipped, probably do it.

I have both LiteOn and Pioneer burners and much prefer the Pioneer because it seems to burn wider variety of media without problems. For example the LiteOn would not burn MCC004 with latest firmware without creating around 60% coasters, and flash back to next to latest version was necessary for reliable burns. Actually I prefer the 111D which I cross flashed to 111L for bit setting capability, and other posts I’ve seen seem to me to favor the 111D. FYI check to find DVR-710 (DVR-111) for $25 after rebate from 2 different sources if interested.

What kinda media where you using and what speed? Also cross flashing voids your warranty if your unit is still under warranty. I have two lite on units and haven’t had the 60% coasters you been having. I have a 832S VSOM and 20A1H LL0A.

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