Pioneer DVR-112D/L: Post your scans and questions here

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Worth noting perhaps is that the 112 has 8 MB of RAM, and while 2 MB is admittedly filled from the serial flash memory at boot, we wonder how much is being used.

SDRAM used in 112 (8 MB, ie 64 Mbit)

So anyone have one of these Buffalo’s? Drop us an email

Brother Vlad

18x DVD-R lovin’ @ 5:19min (TYG03)

I thought the CD writing was finally going to be bumped to 48x on this drive. I guess not. With this being the D variant I guess we can’t expect any DVD-RAM testing. I hope this drive is flashable like the 110/110 however. 18X writing is worthless to me, I don’t ever burn higher than 8x anyhow.

Well Buffalo also has a 112L varient that supports DVD-RAM


112L DVSM-XL1218FB (INT) DVSM-XL1218U2 (EXT)

These drives should be easy enough to patch and flash.

Brother Vlad

Awesome, the news I wanted to here, just wasn’t sure if Pioneer would get smart and fin d a way to eliminate a possibility of flashing after they lost out on sales of the higher models with the 110/111.

Regardless I do look forward to a patch coming out as I will be retiring my 111 as soon as this drive is available in stores.

Wait and see my friend , wait and see !

I did that when 110 appeared and sold my 109 and the 110 was a downgrade from 109 for me :iagree:

:eek: Wow! Does anyone know, when are they going to Europe?

Not seen yet, but this ASUS burner looks quite similar.

Liteon has a new burner out now that is SATA, 48x CD burning and 12X RAM.

All big manufacturers have SATA burners out now. :wink:

You mean Asus 1612BL? It looks more like Lite-on (for example, there are no grooves on the upper surface of the drive, when the pio has them). And it is based on the MediaTek chip, when Pioneer is still devoted to NEC.

P.S. I hope that Pio 112 is going to have at least the same success as the 111, not less.

No DVD+RW DL support?

No DVD+RW DL [B]Media[/B] :bigsmile:

this feature would be interesting for movies …
We have to wait for next release …

For non existent media??

Hell yeah! I want it! Isn’t the standard finalized yet?

specs have juste been released pour RW DL so we dont want to change of burner each year, this feature could be interesting …

Specs and standard are 2 diff things. Its finalized a while now, but that doesn’t mean it will come to life anyway.

More news about the 112? Anyone?