Pioneer DVR-112D Buffer Underrun

Hi, I have a Pioneer DVR-112D and I use Nero, and I was wondering if this drive supports Buffer Underrun as Nero says it is not supported. I have had quite a few CD-R coasters on the higher speeds but DVD writing seems fine.


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Buffer Underrun Protection? All modern drives should support it. I haven’t seen one that doesn’t since my first CD burner, many moons ago. :slight_smile:

When you next get a coaster, Nero should prompt you to save an error log. Save it, remove your serial from it, and post it here, we can try to pin down what the problem is, if you like. :slight_smile:

Edit: Here’s a screenshot from the CDF 112D Mini-review - as you can see, it’s supported :wink:

Of course!!!

The problem is somewhere else.

Thanks Arachne.

It seems that when I have a Blank-DVD in the drive it says that the drive does not support buffer underrun (Image 1), but when I eject the disk it says it is supported again (Image 2). I looked through Nero Infodrive and it ticks the buffer underrun box (Image 3). It does not seem to start the buffer underrun when I burn DVDs as Nero doesn’t state that it has been started. I’m not sure about CDs because I have not burnt CDs with the drive lately as I became too frustrated and so I use my external Lite-On drive instead (which is a pain because I have to plug it in!) Any Ideas?

What version of Nero are you using? That might have a bearing on this. :slight_smile:

Also, I don’t get info that buffer underrun protection has been started with DVDs either, just CDs.

Try burning a CD with the Pio, and if it fails, post the error log that Nero prompts you to save (remove your serial from it first!) :slight_smile:

Edit: Hmmm. I’m using quite an old version of Nero myself (, and my Optiarc drive shows Buffer Underrun Protection as supported with a disc in or not.

As I said, try a burn with the Pio, and let us know which version of Nero you’re using. :slight_smile:

I am using Nero so I guess my Nero is ancient considering you mention that Nero 7 is old! I sorry but I haven’t had much to burn lately and I have run out of CD-Rs so until I get a new stack and find something to burn I do not have an error report to post.


Considering Nero 6 is now upto you are about 50 odd versions old.

Goto, choose downloads and then updates for nero 6. This will bring you upto date with the newest nero 6 releases. This should fix your problems. is hella buggy. Update!

Thank You for your help everyone. I will update the Nero and see if this fixes the problem. Thanks again!

I have updated to Nero and it seems all is well now. It now says buffer underrun is supported when I put a DVD in the drive. Thank You for all your help everyone!


The Nero version was too old to even “know” the drive really.

:iagree: - glad it’s sorted :slight_smile: