Pioneer DVR-112D broken?




im using an Pioneer DVR-112D with firmware changed to 112L to make backups of double layer discs. I burn these discs as DVD-ROM. So far i had no problems but the last 4 burns had no success… nero always gives me an error message. Im using verbatim double layer and i never had any problems with these discs. Just before i get the error the drive makes some strange sounds like it cant read a disc or something like that. Is this drive broken now?

Is there a way how i can test this drive?



@ chris2407,

What is this undisclosed Error that you are receiving?



Also, what Verbatim discs are you having trouble with? 2.4x or 8x? If 2.4x, are they made in Singapore or made in India?


Also will the drive play a DVD ?