Pioneer DVR 112D / Auto bitset



[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-112D / DVR-1810. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello Everybody…need some help please…
System: Pioneer DVR 112D, IMAGEBURN on PIII 980/ WIN 98SE

I just bought some DVD+RW, only to find out that this PIONeer burner will NOT “auto” bitset this media to DVD-ROM…thereby making it playable on my old DVD player. A friend told me to use NERO instead of IMAGEBURN and then I will be able to change BITSET/BOOKTYPE to DVD-ROM. I told him…"It’s not the software, it’s a firmware/burner problem " CORRECT?

Q1. First of all… on which medias… WILL… my burner auto bitset to DVD-ROM? (i.e.) -R,-RW ? +R ?

Q2. Will “MediaCodeSpeedEdit” allow me to change my firmware (v1.22),using the bitsetting feature, to enable auto bitsetting of DVD+RW (or any other type media) to DVD-ROM ?
(I realize the easiest thing to do would be to buy a new player but just lost my job).



@ mugwampbro,

NO DVD Burner will BookType Bit Set DVD-R and/or DVD-RW Media to DVD-ROM.

Pioneer DVD Burners will not BookType Bit Set DVD+RW Media to DVD-ROM.

By default the Pioneer DVR-112D Drive automatically BookType Bit Sets DVD+R DL Media to BookType DVD-ROM during the Burning process. By default DVR-112D Drive will not BookType Bit Set DVD+R SL Media to BookType DVD-ROM.

If you desire BookType Bit Setting of DVD+R SL Media to BookType DVD-ROM you will need the use the Media Code Speed Edit tool and patch DVR-112D Drive Firmware with the “Enable Bitsetting" patch. Suggest reviewing the “MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Pioneer DVD-Writers” ( posting and visiting the Media Code Speed Edit ( tool Home Page for detailed information on the use of the Media Code Speed Edit tool.

Isn’t using the Media Code Speed Edit tool and patching Pioneer DVR-112D Firmware with Media Code Speed Edit patches simpler, easer, and cheaper than purchasing a new DVD Player?



Bitsetting can only be done on +R +RDL and +RW but bitsetting on DVD+RW gave many problems so i would not recommend it…
Pioneer 112 will only automatically bitset on DVD+R DL on stock firmware.
There different ways to do it.

  1. use MCSE and patch firmware or
  2. use the tools you find in the link in my signature and flash to 112 with buffalo firmware.
  3. flash to A12 using the link in my sig and use MCSE


Thanks guys… everything clear now. I’m going to do the the bitsetting patch and then I’ll at least be able to make +R media booktype as DVD-ROM.