Pioneer DVR-112D / 112 in Rimage Autostar 2000

Has anyone tried popping a Pioneer DVR-112D / 112 drive into an old Rimage Autostar 2000 duplicator?

If so, how much physical modding of the drive did you have to do? Any secret firmware patches for the drive to make it extend all the way?

I’ve got to remove the bezel and tray cover in order for it to physically fit without the disc hitting the drive. Also, I’ve got the black model, with a black tray, so I needed to dab some white-out on it for the tray sensor to find it. Does the beige model have a beige tray, or just a beige faceplate and tray cover?

What firewire to IDE bridge are you using? I’ve still got an old Indigita, but I believe I will get a performance hit from that. Also, I’m still using older software with CDREC support.

I would be delighted to hear from anybody playing at this level as I’m sure we would have lots of notes to compare. PM me if you want to stay low-key on this.

With which drive(s) came that device originally?

The original drives were SCSI, either 8X or 12X Plextors. We just drop in a firewire to IDE bridge on each drive and life is good.

So it did work?

Which kind of SCSI>IDE bridges were used?

yes, it works. We only tested it with an older indigita firewire 400 card pulled from a dead producer ii system. The problem is physical. The tray does not extend all the way and I’m looking for firmware that corrects this and still maintains compatibility with the rimage producer software suite. So far, I’ve only tested 16X, not 18X yet (need some different media) and I’ve only tested one drive so far.

Due to the bandwidth limitations of firewire, I need to add a second firewire 1394a or go to 1394b if I’m going to run 3 or 4 drives. What 1394b bridge board is Rimage using? anyone know?

I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to run 8 drives by pushing two 1394b buses on one PC due to the bandwidth limits of the PC’s bus. Seems like 1997 all over again. Can someone pass me the caddy cracker? :slight_smile:

Hehe, impressive enough that worked…

A 1394b card will probably give nothing over the 1394a, I’m afraid.

Sure it will. You’ll be able to run 4 recorders off of one firewire bus instead of just 2 drives. At 18X, the transfer rate peaks at 24.3 MB/s nominal per drive. Firewire 400 is 50 MB/s nominal, so you’ll never run more than 2 drives on a single 1394a at anywhere near top speed. 1394b is 100 MB/s nominal, so 4 x 24.3 = 97.2 MB/s will work without saturating the bus.

FYI, four drives is the max Rimage supports in their new systems as you can’t build a server today that would support full speed networked job streaming for 8 drives.

I know that it should work in theory, but sadly most of those controllers are crappers in practice. :frowning:

As long as your’e running a 64 bit (or 66 MHz) or PCI-X (or PCIe) 1394b card and you’re not overloading the specific bus the card is installed on, you should not have a problem. I think you could get away with a 32bit/33MHz card, but you would not be able to have any other cards or devices (USB, SATA, IDE, etc.) on that specific bus. The key is having proper documentation of the motherboard so you know which slots go to which bus and what else is on that bus. So, if you’re running into trouble, the issues could easily be with your mobo.

I tend to agree. :wink: