Pioneer DVR-112D 1.09fw DL Quality scan!


Just tried to do an Quality Scan on an Fresh burned verbatime DL +R 8X certified 8X burned through Cd/dvd speed It read the first layer smootly more or less, but then halfway it stops readingā€¦resulting in VERY VERY high peaks sudden!?? I asume cd/dvd speed cant do quality scans on dual layer disk because of the layer jumping maybe! :iagree: ? Or am i out of luck, and do i have an faulty drive :frowning: For further details see attachementā€¦ :sad:

Gimme some advice on this please,

urs kabster,

You have asked essentially the same question here in the CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality (PI/PIF) Test thread in the Media Testing/Identifying Software forum.

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Anyone who wants to respond can do so in the other thread:

CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality (PI/PIF) Test

That wos to be expected my bad :rolleyes:

I realised but too late i created this thread a bit too soon. Afterwards i was unable to remove this thread. Feel free to do so, if u think thats important.

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