Pioneer DVR-112 Not detected in Bios/Windows. Not able to fix

I recentaly purchased a new Pioneer DVR-112 and I found that when I upgraded to windows xp Pro (Did a clean install) the Bios, and Windows both don’t detect the DVD Drive,
I also noticed, that my CD drive is also undetected.
Well, they are detected, the just don’t function right.

I’ve checked the jumpers, this problem just occured after I installed Windows XP again.

I can’t fix it because I can’t reinstall, because I can’t boot from a CD. Also, I cannot read cd/dvd’s in windows.

I’m stuck on what to do. I have no idea how I’m going to solve this problem.

make sure you’re using a 80 wire ide cable for your new 112 drive otherwise it will not work correctly. i’d suggest you buy a new 80 wire ide cable. :slight_smile:

Surely that is a software only problem.
Test the drive in another computer first.