Pioneer DVR-112 DVD Burner Review

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We were so impressed by the writing quality of the Pioneer DVR-112 we awarded the drive our CD Freaks “Editors Choice” award

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crap review where are the advance tests to test error correction and audio protections

@Sean Protected audio CD’s are not available in my location. Maybe you can send me some to test :*

Its a good review, thanks for posting its chipset…

I like that writer and review :slight_smile: :B

I am confused as to why this drive got editors choice and the DRW-1612BL didn’t as it is the only sheep 3 burner I have ever seen. What makes this burner better then the DRW-1612BL?

^ Writing quality on all media groups won it the award.

“As we can see from the screenshot below, the drive supports accurate stream and C2 error info and doesn’t support caching.” Doesn’t screenshot show contrary(C2 - no, cache - yes)? Or it is wrong screenshot?

^ Correct screenshot but wrong information. I corrected it now, thanks for reporting it. :X

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This message was edited at: 12-04-2007 20:20

I’ve bought this burner because of the “editors choice” and because it "can be used along with Nero CD-Speed for Disc Quality Scanning”. To my surprise Disc Quality Scanning is completely irrealistic (e.g. PIE is about 10 times higher that with Lite-ON). Googling showed that it’s a known problem of all Pioneer burners. For example, see that link Please update the review, because it’s misleading.

Other makes of drives report PI/PIF errors differently than Lite-On and Plextor drives, NEC and BenQ for example. The fact is they do support PI/PIF scanning just like the Pioneer drives do and that is all that is claimed in the review.

Pioneers do report the errors, but PIE level is far beyond the 280 set by DVD+/-R specifivation. Consequently that reporting has a very limited utility. :wink: In addition huge spikes (up to PIE > 17 000) are often present on the graphs. Your answer reminds me an old story with hotel reservation in India. If you just reserve a room with aircond there is a great chance that it will not working. In fact you must always precise “with working aircond” while booking. :slight_smile: I refolmulate me request. Could you please precise in the review that although the error reporting is indeed working, but the PIE level always exeeds the DVD+/-R specs. That is not the case with Lite-on, BENQ, NEC and Plextor.

“but the PIE level always exeeds the DVD+/-R specs. That is not the case with Lite-on, BENQ, NEC and Plextor.” This is not the case, BenQ and NEC drives often report out of spec scans on perfectly good burns. The Pioneer scan in the review is within specifcation. :*

OK, the aircond is blowing the air. And we don’t care that the air is hot :wink:

has anyone used this burner with the wytron 688 ? i am 5 of them with a wytron 688 andhave been burning successfully at 8x, just wondering if anyone is burning at a faster rate with success.

CRAP! Pioneer SUCK!, i have just returned my 5th drive for replacement, dont buy this shit, pioneer drives are cheap for a reason, they suck!. I guarantee if you buy this, you will have lazer failiure in months, you have been warned. :r

Bought BestBuy’s version of the DVR-112D, died inside of a week. A week later bought 2 Pioneer DVR-112D’s from NewEgg, both of them are still working perfectly since March 2007, nothing but smooth sailing. Also, overall the best DVD burner I’ve owned, next to the BenQ 1640…:slight_smile:

return my 112D. It will just stop writing on Verbatim/Sony/Philips and hang the whole computer.