Pioneer DVR-111L (was 111D) read/write speed?

Got it last night. Crossflash and updated fw went great (using TDB 8.26 with MCSE)

Ran some before and after tests. Got noob questions.

Had a BenQ dw1620 in there before. (Not mine to keep) It ripped a backup of my retail DVD-ROM movie in 10 minutes 9 seconds. Put in the Pioneer DVR-111D. It ripped the same movie (to the same drive) in 15 minutes 30 seconds. Flashed to DVR-111L 8.26 using MCSE with speed box checked. It ripped it in 15 minutes.

EDIT:Forgot to add. BenQ was at UDMA2 Master and Pioneer was at UDMA4 Master.

So what’s up? Is that time correct for a Pioneer (for both riplocked and unriplocked) or do I need to reflash 8.26 with MCSE again?

The other issue is media burn speed. My older (now defective) BenQ dw1650 was in my case before I stole my wife’s dw1620 for a bit. With the 1650 I used QSuite 2.0. On the 2.4x DL Verbatim media it would fail the quality tests about 50% of the time when I tested it at 4x… so I pretty much burned at 2.4.

But the Verbatim box would say ‘up to 8x’ and I couldn’t understand how it wouldn’t pass QSuite 2.0 at 4x.

I tested the Pioneer last night and with this same DL media it offered to burn it at 8x… and here I was thinking wow what a big time saver that would be, but… burn quality is way more important to me - so I settled for 4x.

I am concerned about the Pioneer offering me speed choices that are not really good for the media to burn at. Is this a realistic concern or is QSuite 2.0 only comparing the media to BenQ? I tried to pull the DVd into Nero to check the burn quality but Nero would not read it and it was too late to start and figure out why. (I use imgburn to write)

The one thing I like is the buffer was solid… only ranging from 88% to 100% during the whole burn :clap: … something that %$&** Benq dw1650 would not do. :a

The Benq’s you have mentioned are very fast rippers… The Pio is one too, but it is not advisable to push the hardware always to the max.
Saying that, remember that these are dvd [B]burners[/B].

I’m not sure if something has changed yet, but the 165x burners from Benq came with a firmware flaw regarding DL media. They only could be burnt at 2.4x…

The Pio 110 and 111 burners are excellent choices for burning DL media, even burning +DL 2.4x at 6x or 8x and -DL 4x at 6x or 8x is like a sweet dream. The results however are depending on much more factors than just the media, the burner and firmware… one point is the PSU.

If you want higher DL burn speeds with +DL (10x), you may want to get a LG h20 or Samsung 182 drive.

Thanks. I can deal with the Pioneer being 33% slower than the BenQ. I just wanted some assurance that the riplock was unlocked. I guess I should have realized it was since it performed just as fast as it did when I tested with the original Pioneer (unlocked) fw.

I feel extremely confident in my system and PSU. Not at home to verify the model but it’s an Enermax 550 watt model with very stable rails. I know how important this often over looked piece of hardware is.

I’ll try to check the quality of the write tonight and if good I may give 6x a go. :slight_smile:

Absolutely bonded with this drive last night.

If you have used MCSE on the 111 then the riplock should be removed…

Yeah I did. I’m thinking really slow today. Stayed up way too late.

I got this drive mostly based on the word of mouth on DL burns and quality .

So far I’m really happy with this choice.