Pioneer DVR-111L TDB 8.29 firmware

It’s now available at the TDB site:


Thanks, but already posted few times.

yeh, it’s a good new. but, about the quality of TDB and stock firmware, i really wonder which one is better. bcz i have tested by using 2 version, when use stock firmware, it can burn a disc with a lower PE/PIE. futhermore, it can burn almost all fake disc. consequently, i have no idea about which one is better:D

Thunderbirdfromiu -

The only difference between the Stock Buffalo v8.29 Firmware and the TDB v8.29 Firmware is that TDB patched the TDB v8.29 Firmware to make it RPC1 (Region Free). There should not be any difference in performance of the two Firmwares other than the TDB v8.29 Firmware is RPC1 (Region Free).


Exactly :iagree:
@Thunderbirdfromiu : what you see in PIE/PIF scans is normal with inconsistency of media these days !

yeh, i hope so. but, I made a test with 2 same dics 2 times. when i flashed to stock, I burnt my video successfully 2 times.on the other hand, i failed 2 times with TDB 8.29L and 8.26L dvr 111. so that why, i wonder about the difference between stock and TDB firmware:D. that’s my own experience. Welcome your idea!

May I pose two super-noob questions ? :sunglasses:

  1. What is the advantage of flashing the drive to RPC1 as opposed to having AnyDVD software doing that plus defeating other protection schemes ?

  2. On the TDB site I see INT and EXT firmwares. What do they mean ?


So you must have used RW, because you cannot use a DVD±R more than once.

Rjalex -

INT = Internal (DVD Burner internally installed in computer)
EXT = External (DVD Burner installed in a Firmware/USB External enclosure)

Flashing a DVD Burner with RPC1 (Region Free) Firmware makes the DVD Burner Always RPC1 (Region Free) while using a software program similar to AnyDVD requires that the software program always be active for the DVD Burner to be RPC1 (Region Free). Once the software is deactivated the DVD Burner reverts back to RPC2 (Region Locked).



It’s more probable that he was actually thinking about two discs of the same type, or two similar discs.

Yup, I thought so too, but it is not clear yet.
He probably just meant 2 discs from the same spindle, nevertheless that are different discs. :wink:

yeh, i will test them with the rw dics. but, i think it 's not a coincide because I burnt 2 disc in the same spindle and they were fail. on the other hand, i have burnt with stock firmware also more than 10 discs, it’s work. so, what do u think about that weird!?

As pointed out before, the only change between the official and TDB firmwares is that the one provided by TDB is regioncode free.

Strange when trying to use TDB 8.29 for 111d i get a “Available target not found” and I’m running TDB 1.29 atm. the same if i try to use TDB 8.29 for 111l

Try flashing first to TDB 8.19 111L

Getting an “Unable to Set Kernel Mode” :doh: also with the TDB 8.19 111D :confused:

From this section at TDB:

Currently RPC1 firmwares based on 8.19 INT *, 8.19 EXT *, 8.26 INT, 8.26 EXT, 8.29 INT, and 8.29 EXT.

  • TDB Flasher w/Kernel
  1. make sure that you consistently use either the INT or EXT firmwares for [B]both [/B]flashes depending on the location of your unit INTernal or EXTernal
  2. initially flash 8.19 and then flash 8.29


Getting an Unable to Set Kernel Mode with 111D 8.19INT and with 111L 8.19INT also.

But i just noticed in the TDB Windows Flasher no Pioneer drive can be chosen, only WM354W RMW051F, which is Daemon Tools.

That explains why I’m getting the “Unable to Set Kernel Mode”, but now the big question is why my drive is not show in the flasher :sad:

Put wnaspi32.dll in the same directory.