Pioneer DVR-111L cannot read after 8.29INT

Hi everyone. I bought a Pioneer DVR-710 drive yesterday which I was told is a clone of the DVR-111D. My drive even says 111D on it and so did Windows.

Well I followed the steps to flash it up to 8.29 from here:

But, I put in a disc to install some software I bought today and Windows said:

D:\ is not a valid Win32 Application.

I’ve tried to play movies in it but I still get the same error.

Also, when no disc is in the drive My Computer calls my drive a DVD-RAM drive.

Can anyone help me out here??? I just want to be able to read discs but still be able to burn backups of my games because they are expensive to replace.

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Ok I’ve flashed it back to firmware 1.29 so no my PC reads the drive as a Pioneer DVR-111D.

BUT, I still cannot autoplay discs or anything. Any idea what to do???

I flashed the drive to 111L 8.29 to burn my backed up xbox 360 games (Yes i own them!)

But as I said above it couldn’t read any discs so I flashed it back.


Welcome @CDF, [B]Hmarmaduke[/B]

The first step in that tutorial seems superfluous. Not sure what went wrong with your drive, but “autoplay” isn’t set in firmware, that would be a Windows setting. Can you see the contents of the discs you insert in Windows Explorer again?

When DVDInfo Pro said the drive was a 111L No I could not.

Now that i flashed it back to 1.29 yes I can.

By the way thank you for the welcome =D

Maybe there’s some problem with your Windows installation in combination with DVD-RAM. Do you require DVD-RAM and LabelFlash functionality from your drive? If not, there’s also the 8.29 firmware with bitsetting only for the 111D.

Well. I want to burn backups of my xbox games and I read somewhere that the 111L has auto-bitsetting for DVD-ROM.

I’m abit confused so please forgive me if I’m not clear. Right now I want my drive back to normal =S…

I know, it’s confusing with the number of different DVR-111* firmwares availabe. If all you want is bitsetting of DVD+R to DVD-ROM, then you can [B]stick with 111D firmwares[/B], but you’ll need the 8.** type (OEM version for japanese Buffalo branded drives with auto-bitsetting).

If your drive is installed internally, flash with 8.19 INT* first and 8.29 INT second. Both can be found here (courtesy of The Dangerous Brothers):

To get Autoplay back, you could download and run a tool like TweakUI (Microsoft Powertoys) - just google and you’ll find it.

OK I’ll download that and flash the drive. I have TweakUI I’m pretty sure.

Just so ya know I’m not a computer idiot I’m actually very computer literate I don’t think you are treating me like a fool I just wanted to let you know =)

OK :slight_smile: . If you want to be extra careful, you can complete the flashing in Windows Safe Mode.

Well. I got a target not found error. Grrr, this is turing out to be a pain =P

Should I upgrade the firmware progressivly up to the 8.29?

Yes, 8.19 INT* first (* TDB Flasher [B]w/Kerne[/B]l) to crossflash to Buffalo. If that’s complete you can use 8.29 INT (always [B]111D[/B] versions, not 111 or 111L). Should work, I did it this morning with my 111D which was at 1.23.

OK I flashed it up to 8.29 all went good.

So now I can burn the xbox games and my drive should read discs?

Yes, whenever you burn a DVD[B]+R[/B] now (no -R or +/-RW) it will be bitset to DVD-ROM automatically (which is what your xbox needs, I assume). And I sure hope it will read discs normally again. Good luck!

Great =D

Now one more question. I put in a dvd and tried to back it up with dvd decrypter and got this error:

I’m starting to think I should just return the drive and get a replacement and leave it alone haha.

Hmm… I would try with another ribbon cable. Make sure it’s 80-wire (you don’t have an old 40-wire in there do you?). Also verify that the jumper on the back of the drive is set to Master.

Oh my god…I think I do.

Now I feel like an idiot lol. Well, what will changing the ribbon cable solve?

I might not reply for a bit. I’m going to make my dinner so I’ll be back in a little bit =)

Rule #1 Use 80-wire ribbon with Pioneers :slight_smile: . This is probably the reason for all your problems. After changing, check in Device Manager that it runs in “Ultra DMA Mode 4”

I hope to be fast asleep by the time you get back. :wink:

Haha! What do you know? It worked =D

Thank you so much! It is set to Ultra DMA Mode 4 and I put in a movie and autoplay came up. I’ll make a backup of another xbox game tomorrow to see if it works.

Thank you very much good sir and have a good night’s rest!

Looking good so far, [B]Hmarmaduke[/B]! Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile: