Pioneer DVR-111L 8.26

New firmware from buffalo.

111L 8.26 INT

111L 8.26 EXT


Guess it needs The Dangerous Bros to mod it first before it can be used on cross flashed 111Ds.

So anybody got a change log for the new firmware, in english that is??

Is the same as 1.23 from pioneer only that adds the buffalo goodies … LabelFlash,DVD-Ram and Auto Bitsetting.Just flashed succesfully to 8.26 :slight_smile:
To flash it … just dld .
First run firmware 8.19 for flashing the drive to 111L series with rpc2 … and then use the 8.26 firmware update (is the original one from Buffalo - RPC2)
I’ve attached an image from CD-DVD Speed to convince you.
I had no time to make some burnings because I just updated the firmware about 30 minutes ago and I currently have nothing to save to dvd.

8.19 to 8.26

  1. Improved writing quality for DVD-R/DL
  2. Improved reading/writing quality for CD-R

Nevermind, we will wait for TDB firmware as Rapidshare is just no good for Free account users. It’s impossible to download as there are too many restrictions.

I just downloaded without any problems & I’m a free user.

I’m getting a download session invalid error.

Just emailed it to you as per your PM request.

FYI, both links point to the same file. The INT is correct, but the EXT is 516u2.

New firmware from buffalo.

111L 8.26 INT

111L 8.26 EXT

Corrected Link.


Even after this is patched by TDB we still need Alas program to be updated in order to remove riplock correct? TDB don’t mod that part of the firmware and I can’t patch unless I have it all including no rip lock.

I did all that and…it worked like a charm, thanks

I’ll do some test burns :wink:

First burn with FW 8.26 RPC2, riplocked.

Unbranded printable TY G02 of batch 110
Burn speed 12X
Burn time 7mn 02

Quality is one of the best with this batch on this drive. Must be confirmed with subsequent burns.
Recalibration only aggressively kicked in at the end of the burn.

Read speed max is only 12X due to riplock.

Edit : Oops, I saved the wrong quality scan window. Will redo the scan.

So, here is the scan.
A little worse than the figures shown above for the first run.

Did a another test burn using the original 8.26 fw (see method in post nr 5)

Burn speed 4X
Burn time 26mn21
Burnt with Imgburn usibg MDS file from Decrypter.

I don’t like the groups of PIFs biut… QS is 97, PIFs count is small enogh and transfer rate is perfectly smooth.

As a side not, read speeed is locked at 8X for DVDR DL with this firmware.
Will apply MCSE compatible version when ala42 is ready.

Burnt at 4x using cloneCD. Earlier I tried 8.25 for the 111D at 6x, and it was horrible at the layer break, probably a bad disc :stuck_out_tongue:

The Dangerous Brothers 8.26 FW is out and worked like a charm on my burner. Thanks, TDB, you are the best!

Wow! Time to flash!