Pioneer DVR-111D

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I’ve just ordered a Pioneer DVR-111D from those awfully nice chaps at SVP. Question is, what is the earliest veriosn of Nero that supports it fully - rather than relying on SmartDetect?

I’ve looked on the supported recorder list at the Nero site and I don’t think it’s been updated for a while as the latest drive I could see in this product family is the DVR-108…

Well to partly answer my own question I doesn’t appear to be Nero as this will allow me to write to the drive, but doesn’t give me the option to use DAO/96, just DAO!

I’m not going for V7 so it looks like I’m going to need to rely on those nice people at Ahead releasing a drive database update for V6.6

Thread has been moved to the Pioneer DVD Burner forum, so hopefully you’ll get an answer in here. The standalone Pioneer DVD Recorder forum this thread was originally located in is for set-top Pioneer DVD recorders, i.e. the type that record TV broadcasts :slight_smile:

You should use Nero regardlessly, because earlier versions have even more bugs…

That’s the version I’m using now. Looks like if I need DAO/96 I’ll have to use one of my other burners…

Thanks chef

Dunno actually if it is supported by the 111.
Maybe the review can tell you more…

This suggests it does…

Suggests - but is no proof.

Is it possible to make the 111d region free, or reset the counter so you can change region an unlimited number times?

Thanks for your answer.

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This, linked from the review, and taken from CloneCD also suggests that the drive supports DAO/96.