Pioneer DVR-111D - Reading problems


To explain in detail, the writer has so far not much problems with reading or detecting discs (with one exception of a badly scratched dvd) but it has repeated problems of failing to read a file or two on a disc, which thus damns the discs anyways.

I find this weird as for my entire experiences with cd/dvd-rom/burners I’ve encountered either two things; the disc can be read or can’t be read. End.

Now this is even more annoying then a disk read failure. You put in the disc, it reads, auto play and everything, it installs and 90% through the installation, an error msg pops up with something like “Cant read the source of the file/ Can’t read the following file etc.”

… Now put that very same disc on another writer and no problems. No can’t read this file and that, so that rules out the problem being the disc. Tested the same disc with two other writers at least, only mine have that problem of ‘partially reading’ the disc.

Anyone knows what’s the problem and how to fix it? Is it the lens? I’m kinda suspecting that…

First make sure the burner runs in UDMA4 mode!

Then use nero cd dvd speed and scan the problematic disc.