Pioneer DVR-111D reading problems

Pioneer DVR-111D:

Ok So I just bought the above drive. I am having problmes reading discs, and I get the following error:

Only part of the Redaprocessmemory or writeprocessMemory request was completed.

So I can’t view the files on the disc or auto play it. I have tried othe discs and I have tried updateing the firemware to 1.19.

The Problem only seems to hapen when I start up the computer from a shut down. However once I do have the problme happen if reboot the drive seems to work fine. but if I shut down again and start up the probelm comes back.


any ideas?

Maybe the PSU, maybe the media, maybe the ide cable…

Check the devicemanager for problems, the drive has to run in UDMA4 mode too.
Is it connected as master?

I know its not Media… I was trying verious nomral retail CDs. not CD-Rs.

I am going to try a new cable, if that is not I I bet your righ tcould be the PSU