Pioneer DVR-111D or LG GSA-4167

I am looking for a quiet DVD burner. I posted on the Pioneer forum which of these two burners is quieter. I did not get response over there. Do you have any experience?

I don’t have a Pioneer 111, but my LG GSA-4167B is very quiet. You hear a slight sound of a fan spinning up when you burn at high speeds (e.g. 16x) but that is about it. LG writers are typically very quiet.

You hear a slight sound [B]similar to the sound[/B] of a fan spinning up… right?

There is no fan inside, the rotation of the disc already creates more air movement than any drive designer would ever want. :slight_smile:

Try running a drive [where the top clamp is mounted on an inside piece… DW1620 is one where this is possible] without the top metal cover, it creates wind out the sides that can be felt a meter away!

But yeah, LG drives have a nice tray cover design that doesn’t let much noise to get out in front.

I have a A11 and a H10A (the replacement drive for the 4167) the A11 is much quieter than the LG but the LG is quieter than the LiteOn 1693S. The LG seems to have a better burn than both the Pioneer and the LiteOn drives so far but I have only burnt 4 discs so far but all scan very well. I have the LG in an external USB2 case but will be putting it in a PC for more testing over the weekend. As I mentioned the LG seems to burn better than my other drives with the media that I can get easily at a reasonable cost.

Im conclusion Pioneer quieter LG better burns better (so far), for my money I would buy another LG anyday (need to do more testing).:smiley:

If A11 is like A09 and A10, it has soundproofing foam inside that 111/111D, if they are anything like 109/110, probably don’t have.

Retail Pioneer drives have always been quieter than their OEM versions.

Yup you got that bit right. :slight_smile: Never occurred to me that I was suggesting that there was a fan inside till now. It’s really the sound of the motor spinning up for high speed burns.

The Pioneer retail drives (A++XL) come with the Honeycomb design case especially designed to reduce noise and vibration. They also have this sweet face plate…
I’ve only had the standard models yet, but I cannot say they were loud in a way.

Thank you for your replies.

I have Pioneer DVR-103 and it has a fan inside. I also have Pioneer Home Theater system and that one also
has a fan. It bothers me when I watch movies. I definitely do not want a burner with fan inside.
I do not burn so often once a week or so. I mostly play. I only use DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW. I do not
think I will use DVD+R, DVD+RW, dual/double layer and DVD-RAM.

Pioneer 111D is supposed to be quieter than 110D.

Drive in an external closure probably will make more sound than inside the PC case.
Could you let me know the noise comparison once you put it inside the computer?

Also, you mentioned LG is better in burning than Pioneer. What ype of media do you use?
From the reviews, Pioneer 111D sounds to be better than LG 4167.

What do think about the noise of BenQ 1650. People are saying NEC is very loud.


I should mention than I will not burn faster than 8x DVD-R and 16x CD-R/RW.

Pioneer DVR-111D doesn’t offer bitsetting firmware yet, and the lg 4167 does offer one that has autobitsetting for +R and +DL, also this firmware enables udma 4 which is great if you wanta use your drive in an external case. Burn quality of the 4167 is also much better. But, if I had to buy an lg drive at the moment I would get the H10A which I am pretty sure can be crossflashed to the H10N which offers 12X RAM writing.

You want loud, check out a LiteOn (although I love mine). :bigsmile:

LG drives - well, the two I have - are very quiet. They burn excellently on quality media (my best burns have all been made on LG drives). The 4167 I have is used for 8x DVD media (mainly +R, though).

Just thought I’d stick my oar in :bigsmile:

Have just moved the H10A over to my P4 PC and just finished a test burn with TDK 16x DVD+R media CMC MAG M01. All my pioneer drives are unable to burn this media over 8x the LiteOn does a fairly good job @16x, as you can see by this burn the LG does alright until it goes over 12x, check out the burn time.:smiley:

I have to point out that the firmware which allows the 4167B to have auto bitsetting is third party firmware. Use of that invalidates the drive’s warranty. Some people are comfortable with that, and some are not. Standard 4167B firmware doesn’t do auto bitsetting but it does allow manual +R and +R DL bitsetting.

Here, one thread full of scans of various types of discs with the 4167B :

Note that this drive does not like TYG01, but that’s about the only problematic MID with it.

I think both drives are about equal in terms of burn quality. Do remember though, that the 4167B review was done with a previous version of firmware (DL12). DL13, a newer version of firmware, has been around for a while and has had an impact on burn quality. Compare that to the fact that the 111 review was just recently completed so it probably has about the latest firmware for that drive.

As already pointed out, the 111 doesn’t do bitsetting/booktyping whereas the 4167B does. However, you don’t really plan to burn +R discs so it may not be that big of a deal to you. 4167B generally burns most 16x discs at full 16x whereas the 111 burns quite a lot of 16x discs at 12x. That really isn’t an issue to you either since you are mostly concentrating on burning at 8x. Still, it is useful if at any point you cannot get hold of 8x media and are stuck with only 16x.

I think it comes down to which is quiter in your case.

I can’t comment on the BenQ DW 1650. I only have the 1640.

Dam posted my test burn in the wrong thread if there is a mod around you can delete it or move it to the correct thread for me please.:o

It’s not true so. The 111 already has autobitsetting for DVD+R DL media to DVD-ROm too, only the Buffalo (OEM) firmware to allow Bitsetting for +R media is not yet available. :wink:
And I wouldn’t count on that the “burn quality of the Lg is also much better”.

To get an good oversight, I would read various reviews about those mentioned burners. :cool:

Why do you suggest H10A? Its specs are the same as the 4167.

I won’t use +R media, so bitsetting is not that importat. I will use either Yuden or Verbatim DVD-R’s.

So, I do not need to flash Pioneer.

From I read, it looks like LG burners have a high failure rate. Is it correct? I have been using my Pioneer burner for 4 years. I am guessing Pioneer has better reliability.

The H10A is supposed to be the successor to the 4167B. However, I don’t recommend that drive, at least not yet. The drive produces burns with an extremely high jitter rate. In theory that could cause problems reading back the discs burned with H10A on other drives. This is something LG can sort out with firmware updates. I’d give them another month or two to deal with that before getting the drive.

No, that isn’t true. How did you get that idea? I’ve got two LG writers (4163B and 4167B) and I don’t have any problems with them.

I have both drives. If you are planning on using MCC 004, TYG02, TYG03, or TY T02, either drive will be the same. I would not recommend MCC 03RG20 on the Pioneer or on any other drive other than the LG.

Not in my case. Two LG drives here, one running for over a year now, the other about a year. Both working just as well as when I bought them. :slight_smile: