Pioneer DVR-111D Not Detecting Blank DVD-R

Hi All,

I am anewbie here… and I’ve been tearing my hair out with the below.

I have an external Pioneer DVR-111D Burner. When connected to my desktop it detects blank media of all types no worries.

But… when I connect it to my laptop… it only detects blank CD-R. When a blank DVD-R in inserted, Windows Explorer changes the drive from DVD-Drive to CD-Drive, and under properties of the drive it doesn’t indicate 4.7GB free.
With a blank CD-R it indicate 700MB free.

When connected to the desktop, everything is OK. Blank DVD-R is deteted and 4.7GB is free under properties.

Both computers runexactly the same WinXP SP2. Both are at the same level of updates. Both run Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.

What’s wrong? Help! I really wish I could burn to DVD from my laptop!


The external is not properly recognized when connected to the Laptop, otherwise it would work.

But anyway, what is the sense on looking what CRAP explorer shows for an icon??

Use a real burning app ONLY.