Between this dvd writer and the search function on these forums not cooperating with me, I’m about to throw something…

I am trying to burn the Vista beta rc2 to a dvd so it isn’t taking up 2.5gb on my hard disk, and so i can actually install it. Nero 6 refuses to complete the burning process, citing a CRC error. So I try testing the drive in the Nero environment-- it won’t complete the test. I search the problem and find a site with firmware upgrades from 1.06 (what my drive came packaged with) to 1.29.

In the middle of the first flash, I get this message in cmd prompt:

Now internal-reflashing…
Failed to move to the normal mode
New revision: >>Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111 0000 06/01/05

Note that after attempting to flash, the driver now reads as a DVR-111, without the D at the end, and also it has no version number anymore, just 0s. I have since tried flashing it to all versions, including back to 1.06, with no luck. I have also tried to d/l DVR-111 firmware, to which i am told the revisions do not match.

This drive is less than a year old, and I have had no previous issues with it. Someone PLEASE help-- this is driving me up a wall!


Apparently u used a 111 firmware on the 111D drive which is a no-go. the drive seems to be a mess now. I would suggest flashing it with an unnoficial TDB firmware of ur choice, such as 8.26 for 111L. U’ll need to flash 8.19 first.

Well I can say for a fact that I was downloading the correct firmware upgrades. As for the DVR-111L packages, I grabbed 8.19 for internal drives, but on execute it gets about 75% through then tells me “Upload and burn failed”. Is there anything else I can do?

Is the drive master or slave in the device manager?
What is the DMA mode?
What cable r u using?
Did u try to flash in windows safe mode?

vassi1i -

I agree with Forum Member FidelC that you have attempted to flash your Pioneer DVR-111D with the incorrect Firmware for the Pioneer DVR-111. You might have thought you where using the correct Firmware but using the incorrect Firmware is the only way a Pioneer DVR-111D can be changed to a Pioneer DVR-111. Somewhere during the flashing produced you preformed an incorrect procedure that has left your Pioneer in its present state.

Recommend that you review the below Web Link. This referenced thread unfortunately is rather long but you need to review it in its total entirety to fully under what patched Unoffical Firmware(s) that you need to use in the correct steps to correct the mess you have created. There is a way to correct the mess you created but you need to perform the steps as outlined in the below Web Link in the correct order. Taking any shortcuts in this procedure will most likely leave your Pioneer DVD Burner in a state that no one will be able to repair.


Find out what model your burner REALLY is.
Then go to the Pioneer support site and download an suitable flasher package.
Run that either in REAL DOS or in windows SAFE MODE.

…did you repaired it?

…maybe your Flashrom is defective

i have the EXACT same problem

just bought it…
first i tried to burn a dvd… got some CRC error BS and burn failed

so i’m thinking “ok i just need to upgrade the firmware”

i download the newest 111D… run it… same shit and the OP
now says 111 000… but after reboot it goes back to 111D 1.23


Please start reading and then think carefully before you run an updater which is not suitable for our drive!

perhaps you should start reading what i wrote and stop assuming
when i say i’m using the correct patcher that means i’m using the correct patcher

anyways i fixed the problem

tried a different ide cable… same problem… tried ANOTHER one and it started working fine

now its patched, updated and works fine

Means that your drive never was connected to a suitable ide cable with 80 wires…

CRC Communication Errors during writing are almost always because of a bad cable, usually when one uses a 40 conductor cable for UDMA transfers. A high quality, flat, 80 conductor cable is the solution.

Trying to flash a drive which you cannot communication properly with is always going to be a very bad idea.

Brother Vlad