Pioneer dvr-111d firmware 1.29

Hey everyone,

I am about to start my first movie back up and I am doing so on a 12x dvdr+. I have read that the pioneer dvr-111d will not let you manually change the bitsettings to dvd-rom on a dvdr+ single layer disc without updating to some special 3rd party firmware. But I found this inside of “Nero cd/dvd speed.”

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Does this mean dvdr+ is already set to dvd-rom?


DVD+R has not booktype unles its burned.
You have a 111D, so the booktype of DVD+R cannot be changed, only with 8.xx firmwares it will be AUTO SET to DVD-ROM.

What exact media is that? Could you please give more info?

Yes, it is 16x Memorex dvdr+ media. cd/dvd speed shows it as RicohJPN R03(004). I believe it is actually not so great because it claims 16x but can only burn at 12x. Hmm I Am wondering now if I should crossflash over to 8.xx version. I don’t want to void my warranty. Maybe its possible to flash back to 1.29 firmware later on so warranty would still work?