Pioneer DVR-111D f/w 1.23 stock - flashing options

Hi all - sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I have a new MSI P965 mobo. The only IDE controller is a JMicron JMB361. As you may know IDE controllers are becoming a bit marginal on newer boards. Basically a DOS flash of an ODD is not possible on this unit. The standard MSCDEX and DOS IDE drivers don’t see any drives connected, and the supported DOS driver gcdrom.sys mounts the drives, but no firmware utility will see them.

Is it possible to use any of the cracked / int / ext firmwares to flash this unit under windows ?

My other choices are Promise Ultra2-TX133 controller, ext firewire (oxf 911) or ext usb2.

Any way I can make this work, or do I have to take the unit to another PC with an older IDE controller ?

Am I right in thinking there is no windows flash utility ? Or am I being lame ?



Most flashing can be done from within Windows. Here are some simple directions on updating your drive to a current RPC1 firmware.

  1. remove any media from your DVR-111D
  2. google “The Dangerous Brothers”
  3. download DVR-111L 8.19 INT
  4. flash drive (run downloaded firmware executable)
  5. download DVR-111L 8.29 INT
  6. flash drive (run downloaded firmware executable)
  7. reboot

It’s recommended to boot into safe mode to do this, but I’m too lazy. My 111 has been flashed six ways to Sunday and is chugging along, but I might have been lucky. :slight_smile:

The Promise controller is no option.

All the tools available to you work in Windows.

Tools could be written to work in DOS too, one would just have to know the address of the IDE controller, which if it’s not using the legacy Primary or Secondary addresses hopefully at least uses the Ternary or Quaternary addresses.

Brother Vlad