Pioneer dvr 111d driving me crazy

i dont know where to start so here it is.

it is recognized by the bios, it is recognised by windows, but whenever i stick in a disk. it shows the cd loading and then it just stops. i updated the firmware, reinstalled the firmware, changed cables, tried master, slave and cable, pin configurations, tried different dvds/cds, and nothing works. i just recently got this computer from my school and it is really amazing, what should i do?

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Do you have problems with pressed discs or with burned discs?

Is the problem with CD only or DVD only or with both?


You used BLANK discs?


oops too slow in posting…

A blank disc cannot be read, because it is blank :wink:

ill try that when i get home… im at school right now. but i have other drives that i dont use… when i plug them in in the same configureation as this one they work…

but it should tell you that there is a disk in the dvd player right?


Nope. Use a proper burning app with BLANKS.

I have nero and roxio. thats not the problem. i put in… lets say rush hour three, the mouse turns in to a spinning disk for about 20 seconds, the disk activity light on the front turns off and with the disk still inside, my computer resumes its usual activities.

Then use a proper player for DVDs.

I dont see a problem.

@ nfn6789,

Perchance are your complaining that your ‘problem’ is that you when install a DVD Media Disk that has ‘Rush Hour Three’ recorded on the DVD Media Disk in your Pioneer DVR-111D Optical Drive and that ‘Rush Hour Three’ fails to ‘Automatically’ play? If that is your ‘‘problem’ then that is a ‘good’ ‘problem’ to have.

A wise informed prudent user should never have ‘Auto Play’ enabled. With the real threat of ‘RootKit’ ( malicious malware software programs if ‘AutoPlay’ is enabled you could easily unknowingly install malicious RootKit malware programs.

The safe prudent means to play/view/record CD/DVD content is to insert the CD/DVD Media Disk into your Pioneer DVR-111D Optical Drive and then manually start the Play/Viewing/Recording Software Program and then manually select the specific item you what to play/view/record.

That is the wise safe prudent manner in which you should have your Computer configured to operate. This prevents unknowingly installing malicious malware software programs.