Pioneer DVR 111d does not recognize any DVDs

I just got this DVR 111d. its brand new. it does not recognize any DVDs i put in it. i have updated the Firmware. changed the cable to 80. same results.

What happend was: at first, it did read the DVDs. 10 minuets after installing the DVD, I ran the program Ripit4me. it froze at the DVD Decrypter. after that it does not recognize any DVDs i put in it. it tries to read the DVD, but in Windows explorer, it tells me that the DVD is empty. Even after reboot, it starts spinning, but it tels me its empty.

any ideas :confused: :confused: :confused: ???

Did it ever work BEFORE the firmware update?

Is it in UDMA4 mode?

no it did not work.

What is UDMA4 mode?

Possible that you have a bad drive out of the box. Does it show up as a Device in My Computer? Make sure that the cables are properly seated and that the jumpers are set. If it is on its own cable-make it Master. Otherwise-Slave.

no. i had the same problem with the first one. after trying all upgrades and having the same results, i decided it was the drive. got a new one (this one), and the same thing. exactly the same thing.

Done all of these on both DVDs. The first one and now this one.

i did check and yes. it is running on UDMA4 mode

Is it connected and set up as MASTER drive?

What other drives are there?