Pioneer DVR-111d cannot burn blank dvd+r

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-111D / DVR-710. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

My burner cannot recognize blank dvd+r’s and cannot burn anything onto those discs. However, it can burn on CD-RW, CD-R, and DVD-R.

I think it can read DVD+R if there’s already stuff burned on it though.

How can I get my burner to be able to burn DVD+R? When I put it in the drive, windows explorer does not recognize the dvd as a dvd but as a cd rom. Please help since I bought a lot of DVD+R’s that I do not want to waste.


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Try to update the firmware, maybe this solve :slight_smile:

Or try using a dedicated DVD burning program, as Windows XP [which I assume you’re using] is incapable of burning DVDs.

Thanks for the replies guys, I have updated the firmware and will try using a dedicated burning program.

Any suggestions for a program?

ImgBurn [] can do some basic burning of discs as data discs, which is about equal to what Windows’ burning engine can do. It can also burn image files created by some other dedicated DVD creation programs, and can be used to make audio CDs with SOME types of digital audio files.

Another vote for ImgBurn :iagree:

Thanks guys, the problem is solved.

I downloaded the trial version of Ashampoo Burning Studio 8 and I can burn my DVD+R’s.

Thanks a lot!