Pioneer DVR-111d Burning Problem

I just bought the drive and tried to burn with it for the first time. Everything went smoothly but when I try to watch the movie, I get alot of digital destortion in the image. It’s like little blocks on the screen and is very annoying. I have tried everything. I updated the firmware to 1.23, I am using a 80 wire cable, and using ultra dma mode 4. I have an nforce board so i tried the windows ide drivers and the newest nforce drivers but still image distortion. The only other problem I can think of is the drive itself. Any input?

What media are you using? Could be crappy media.

I am using sony DVD-R 16x.

Burn them at 8x or 12x and test again or run nero cd dvd speed disc quality test over them.

I did burn at 4x and the distortion still occured. I have nero speed test but dont know what I am looking for after i get the results.

Go to, download the latest CD_DVD speed and then swith to disk quality tab. It will show u the quality score after u run it. Good media will give u 90-98%
On my experience if media is crappy, the whole thing just freezes or skips a few frames over, I havnt heard of artifacts because of media

Here are the disc quality stats. What does that tell me.

General Information
Firmware: 1.23
Disc: DVD-R (TYG03)
Selected speed: 8 X
PI errors
Maximum: 3613
Average: 35.93
Total: 534645
PI failures
Maximum: 31
Average: 0.20
Total: 1795
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 21:24
Number of samples: 17859
Average scanning interval: 8.00 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

Quality score of 50.

PI errors Maximum: 3613 ? :bigsmile: :disagree: Take a look at
Also note that a Liteon is used for scanning - Pioneer is not always the best way to tell quality score.
Generally PIs should be below 300 or equal in case of cheap media

I dont think its the media. I burned a movie with the same type of dvd, Sony, with my laptop burner and then tested it with the pioneer dvd burner and got a quality score of 95.

Your problem is not in drive, but soft. Install KlCodecs and joy.

That proves what??