Pioneer DVR-111D burning issues

Hey, i just recently upgraded my system (CPU/Motherboard). I’ve been able to burn dvd-/+r’s with zero problems with this drive, until recently.

if i burn an image with Nero it just errors out and dies during the lead-in or just after. here’s the log file

But, if i burn the image with DVD Decrypter it will get an error but then it attempts to rewrite and it just keeps going:

The finished disk works perfectly fine.

Now, i’ve done a few searches and i havn’t found anything concrete, which is why i’m here. I also updated my fw to 1.23 to see if that would work. any help would be appreciated.

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Well that’s an old version of Nero you’ve got. An update would be good for you but that’s nothing to do with the problem.

The other day I tried burning a Ritek G05 disc on my 111D. It managed to burn it but the PC would lock up if I inserted the disk into the 111 or any other of my burners.

This media has a terrible reputation for premature failure which up until now I had always thought was post-burn but now I’m inclined to think that this media will start to decay before burning. The ones I used were maybe 9 months old.

I’d suggest a change of media to start with, switch to Verbatim. That’ll probably solve your problems.

i was thinking it was the media as i’m getting down to the bottom of my spool. But i’ve also tried newer Memorex DVD+Rs and it’s still not working. plus, DD will write the entire disk and the disk is fine. i’ll try and get my hands on some newer media and see if that works.

You might have a problem with your IDE cable or your IDE driver. Maybe you schould try another 80 wire cable.

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Suggest updating your DVR-111D to the newer most current up to date version 1.29 Firmware.

Memorex CMC Magnetics Taiwan Media has a well-noted history of being garbage sub par Media. As suggested by Member TimC try some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden Media.

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didn’t think of that. After the upgraded i switched out the IDE cables. Will give that a try.

bjkg: Ahhh, didn’t realize Memorex was that crappy. Will get my hands on better media then.

Looks like that could’ve been the problem (IDE Cables). Burning an image right now and no errors with DD. Thanks for the help. Will burn a few more this week and see if the problem persists.


yeap, looks like that was the problem. can;t believe i didn’t think to check the IDE cable. Thanks for the help everyone.