Pioneer DVR-111D and 8 Speed DVD+RW Problem

Hello, can any one help, been burning 4 speed disks for ages , no probs, just bought some Datawrite 8 speed disks (Ritek 008) and all my software programs report the disks as 3.4 speed ? have latest firmware 1.23 for drive, using xp, with nero/dvd dycrypter , system is 2.93ghz 1g of ram drives on 80pin connectors Packard bell pc, many thanks in advance Dave

The 1.23 firmware contains no 8x strategie for this media, only 6x and 3,3x, so 8x is not possible.

Another fact is that most burners have problems in burning RWs at 8x even with Ricoh media. And Ritek 008 probably is even worse, so your burner might decide not to burn them faster than 3,3x to avoid a coaster.