Pioneer DVR-111D 31.99 Shipped NEWEGG

Saw this while browsing newegg today.I’m hoping they will put the 18x samsung on sale again.

But i hear this is a good reader.

Link To Burner
how cheap was it?

it was 32.99 shipped only 2 dollars more at that site you sent me.has anyone purchased from them?

Same company, different name. Newegg tends to be cheaper though.

Check out the ratings at Me personally I prefer to spend a couple of bucks extra to deal with newegg. Not saying that those companies are underhanded theives.


Newegg=$32 shipped

Chiefvalue=$30 + $5 shipping for a total of $35


he asked about the samsung, it was cheaper at chiefvalue

Whoops, forgot that cheifvalue was the newegg affiliate. Nice find.

I’m confussed here :confused: The burner you linked to 18X Samsung is on sale right now. It has free shipping and 3 free double layer DVDs :wink:

i linked to the pioneer…although all discussion has been about the 18x samsung

the samsung is back to 30.99 with 5.64 shipping and no discs included

You still can get the free discs. :iagree:

can you hit me with the link to the samsung with the discs?

When you click on add it to your cart that’s when the free discs show up. Here’s the link bud :bigsmile:

oh ok,thanks guess ill go ahead and pick it up since it still comes with the discs.

I just bought one myself. I also picked up 2x10 packs of Verbatim DL media. :bigsmile:

I also rather to deal with newegg than their affiliate, also for reference on the company’s rating the following is one the best reaialble ones.

ANyone have any experience with the Samsung burners?

Bestbuy has the retail version for $39.99, both online and in store. Last week they have the LG light scribe version for $39.99. Toshiba used to make good optical drives especially the SCSI DVD reader, and the old day CD reader, those 24 and 32X CD reader toshiba rocks and they were the most expensive readers on the market during that time, but when they merge with Samsung, nothing good so far especially their burners, and infrequent firmware release from them.

samsung back on sale for 32.99 shipped at newegg :smiley: