Pioneer DVR-111D/111/A11XL Scans Thread

Hi scanned a dvd i made with nero cd speed on my pioneer dvr-111/d but i dont know how to interperate the results, any help would be appreciated thanks. Also it was recorded and scanned with the same drive (dvr-111/d)

Hm, I’m kinda impressed from the drive’s scanning abilities…
On the other side, you can clearly see that it also only can scan at 3x/4x max, regardless what speed you select.

Seems to be a good burn.
Maybe also make a transfer rate test.

Somehow my 111D flashed to A11XL managed to make an impressive burn on a crappy TDK barnded TTH02 at 8x. Unfortunately i don’t have a Benq drive or other reliable reader to confirm my scans. Can some one post a few scans comparing 111 to Benq in regard to scan quality/accuracy with CD-DVD speed 4.50 pls?

The first one is no quality scan…

No, it’s the write graph from ImgBurn :slight_smile: I choose to put that graph there becouse i can’t get a write graph in CD-DVD speed unless i make a test DVD.

Same media (TTH02) burned at 16x. I’m having trouble deciding if the DVR111 is a very good writer, a very good reader or both :slight_smile:

burn on a crappy TDK barnded TTH02 at 8x

TTH02 are a very reliable disc and produce good results in the pioneer

Verbatim DVD+R MCC 004 and SONY 16D1 both on 111. Verry strange write graph on the Verbatim blank…i guess the 111 doesn’t like it very much.

I’ve had no problems with my MC004 except the inaccuracy of scans compared to Pioneer scanning of non 16x media.

Hmm, I just got my drive today and decided to run some tests on it. These are the results. I think they look horrible. The drive is also louder than I expected. Any idea on how things can be so bad? Any comments would be appreciated. I am using Ritek DVD +R 8x for the test. It is burned and scanned using Nero CD DVD Speed.

I also attached images to show the DMA mode used. I am using a 80 wire IDE cable with blue, black and grey connectors too.

Actually, I was wondering if the speed of the burn is supposed to vary so much. Can some1 plz let me know? Thanks.

i dont think the transfer mode should be set to PIO mode, should DMA

Hmm, well, I was looking at Pioneer properties image Location1 (1), and I thought that corresponds to the Primary IDE channel properties’ Device 1, which means it’s operating at Ultra DMA Mode 4.

Which drive is in PIO mode?

It’s my supposely harmless CD Burner.

Verbatim pastel TYG02 @ 12x

Now there’s something wrong here. The Benq drive reports that the disk is unreadable, DVR-111 result is absurd but according to 107D the disk is perfect. :confused:

BenQs are not the best readers.
The Pio 107 is not recommended for scanning.
Why should the 111 result be absurd???

Where and how is the 111 connected??

It’s absurd in this context. Obviously the test media is not PIE free but DVR-111 reports that it’s both PIE/PIF free until 3,5-4GB mark.