Pioneer DVR-111 Vs NEC ND-4571a

Which drive should I buy?
Which do you think can produce better dvd quality burns.

the NEC has a ton of burn quality problems and it will be some time before the firmware updates fix it. I have both and if you are buying now I would suggest the Pioneer 111.

Wow. Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: . …so the Pioneer 111 would be a better choice. Ok.

Hi :slight_smile:
Me too. Pioneer 111 without a doubt.

Thanks for helping me guys!

By the way, I saw the D version of Pioneer (DVR 111D), which should differ only by the “turned-off” DVD-RAM writing ability…so…there should be no differences in burn quality between the two Pioneer…I am right?

My 111D, flashed to 111 firmware, burns the same. You should have no differences with either drive.

Great!!! I didn’t know of the possibility of flashing 111D to 111. I imagine that doing so it will allow the 111D to write DVD-RAM, completely “transforming” the 111D into a 111.
I have to take a better look in the Pioneer forum now :stuck_out_tongue: .
Thank you very much for this appealing news :iagree: .

You can crossflash between 111D, 111, and A11XL drives/firmwares.

Wow. Thanks chef :wink: …A11XL…another option…so…which should be a wiser choice? Crossflash a 111D to 111, or to A11XL (I don’t know of this last one drive :rolleyes: )?

Ok. I’ve found out that A11XL has the Quiet Drive utility. :slight_smile:

Yes, really the Pioneer 111! The nec has so much shit right now!!! The pioneer 111 is a real tweaker!!! :wink:

Thanks for your testimony sharonslivi.

Do you have a link for this utility, the one that works on the 11XL?

I’m quite sure it hasn’t been released yet for 11XL.
(DVR-A07XLA/B, DVR-A08XLA/B and DVR-A09XLA/B models only)

That is what I thought as well. Your post above led me to believe you had found it.

Yes you are right. That post was ambiguous. I’m sorry to disappoint you. It was not my intention to mislead you :frowning: .

new to this forum :slight_smile:

well just got two 111Ds and was disappointed because i wanted two 111s. looking at reviews at cdrinfo, 111d burns worse than 111. but tests have been done on different firmwares.
do they share the same hardware?

however these drives are freakin good with verbatim dvd+r 16x MCC004.
how about verbatim dvd-r 16x MCC03RG20? are them any good? i haven’t found any scan.

Hi. Welcome :slight_smile: !
They do share the same hardware, otherwise how could we crossflash?

oh well maybe you are right :iagree:
thanks for the welcome.