Pioneer DVR-111 or DVR 111D?

[B]Is there much of a difference between the DVR-111 drive and the DVR-111D drive? I’m looking for a new drive and I’m planning on getting one of the new Pioneer drives.

Is the RAM compatibility the only difference? I’m not really planning on writing on, or reading RAM discs with it. I just want something that will give me good quality burns on DVD-r and is very reliable.

Is there much point buying the DVR-111 drive then? Or would I just be better off sticking with the DVR-111D?



They are the same drive. It is possible to flash the 111D to the 111 if you want to, as I have. Get the 111D, unless the 111 is only a buck or two more.

Is it as easy as flash the 111D with this
firmware for the 111?
May I use the flasher included or I need a special flasher?


You can use TDB version which is RPC1 aswell. Although to be fair this is a firmware in beta yet I’ve not heard of any failures.

I am not so sure if it was the firmware or not that caused the issue with my drive of no longer being able to burn higher than 6x. When I first got the drive it would burn my
TYG02 media at 8/12x np. Now it refuses to go any higher than 6x no matter what.

No, it’s not the firmware.

It’s something else, with bad luck the drive is damaged.

But test it in another computer or with a clean, new OS installation.

With official flashers you will NEVER be able to crossflash (there are few exceptions, but not with Pioneer ODD).

So I’ll have to use the tdb flasher Juantwo recommends or are there any other flashers ready?


well I have no clue how the drive would be damaged besides it just going belly yup due to a very, very, very short life span. The drive works fine but only at 6x speed and nothing else. I will try it in my fathers computer as he already has a 111 working great in it. I will swap his for mine and see how it acts.

Is there any way at all to get the offiicial Pioneer 111D firmware back onto my drive? I think it really is borked. I want to send it back. Thanks.

Sounds like maybe another guy running with a 40 wire cable instead of 80

haha trust me, no. It is defaintely an 80 pin rounded cable. I have had every pioneer burner since the 105. I definately know what I am doing. This is the same cable and IDE port that my 109 and 110 was on working properly. My 111 was burning as should at first, it just started doing this shortly after.

Couldn’t you just use the official flash updater? The company wouldn’t deny a return product that failed an official flash update, would they? Besides, my guess is that noone checks it before sending a new drive, perhaps later in some returned products lab, to see if it’s worth repair.

This cannot work, period.

Does anyone know if the official flash update has a “save” feature for the existing ROM data? Sounds like I might want a safety net before writing the new ROM data. I have the DVR-710 retail kit with burner model DVR-111DBK.

FYI (BK is for black, S would be silver, no code is beige/natural)

You cannot dump firmware from Pioneer burners.

Nice that you mention DVR-710. I was thinking about what model name they would choose in US for the 111 drives…

To be clear, chef, I am suggesting that [U]cantankerous[/U] might restore his drive ROM by using an official flash update for his drive model. I’m not refering to a crossflash. Would this still not work?

Nope, because official flashers from Pioneer deny flashing drives with OEM and patched firmwares on.

Only DVRFlash or maybe DVRUpdate can get around that. :wink:

exactly and no update to either of those programs exists for the 111 does it? I guess im SOL on this. Very upsetting.

How are these programs used if the firmware is composed from an only file?