Pioneer DVR-111 DVD-RAM Write Speed

Wondering has anyone encountered the same problem with DVD-RAM writing speed on Pioneer 111. This drive is supposed to have a 5X write speed. I am using Panasonic Brand 3X DVD-RAM disk (See Below)

For some reasons, I am only getting 1X DVD-RAM writing speed as writing the full 4.2GB is taking about an hour.

The Firmware version is 1.29 for the 111. Is this normal for DVD-RAM? It just seems to be very slow for a 3X speed DVD-RAM disk.

3x should be written at 3x.

Please check thet DMA mode is enabled, should run in UDMA4 mode.
Check in Devicemanager.

To what you have linked, it states:

Panasonic DVD-RAMs [B]for Video Recording[/B] (5-Pack) (LM-AF120U5)

So, that could be a problem even if it shouldnt in most cases.

I’ve similar ones, but mine are 2x-5x speed and have the info “for DATA REWRITABLE”.

Don´t forget the drive verify the written data, so u have only the half speed with DVD-RAM

The Panasonic disk is 3X write capable. If fact Nero Infotool verifies that it is 3X capable fir write,

I have a ABIT AB9Pro MB with a JMICRON controller. The device is running in DMA mode though it shows up as SCSI device(This is the quirky JMICRON controller). The CPU utilisation is vey low < 3% when burning. This is the quirky JMICRON controller.

Wischmop, you could be spot on. It is probably the data verification which slows things right down. Can you point me to a URL which talks about data verification wtih DVD-RAM.

Post the wrong URL for the Panasonic DVD-RAM disk. The correct one is:

Can I turn off data verification for DVD-RAM writing?