Pioneer DVR-111 DVD Burner Review

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Pioneer Europe NV was kind enough to send us their latest DVD Multi drive, the DVR-111. Pioneer has a good reputation for producing quality products. In this review, will be putting the Pioneer DVR-111 through its paces to find out how well this latest drive performs.

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Liked it. Very helpful for me.:slight_smile:

Very helpful review material (superior to the majority of reviews found elsewhere on the web…) :slight_smile:

Good review and bought one on the result of it. Did my own tests on Verbatim -R 16x and got excellent results.

Whats the difference if it is 111BK version…

The 111BK is black :wink:

This site helps me a lot on define if change my 111 for the new 212 and I realize that I shold keep my 111L… thank U a lot for help me not to make a bad desition! I own a 111DBK with the firmware updated to L meaning LabelFlash… It’s a shame that here in Argentina doesn’t exist the corect media for LF, and the Lightscribe media is a racket!