Pioneer DVR-111/D

First sighting?

No, it’s out in HK and Asia already.

Pioneer DVR-111 review:

Thanks for the review link.

I like how they have english captions available, its about time :wink:

So far the drive looks really good, can wait till more media tests are added. I like how they scanned with multiple drives.

Got to have a couple of those :slight_smile:

Whats the difference between the 111 and the 110? It says the same speed as the older 110 so why?

New chipset = higher quality burns :smiley:

Mitsubishi +R 16x
MCC004 @16x


I feel nothing changes…

Yes, that’s the only truth. :cool:

Did I want to change my dvr-109 with the dvr-110. I Buy the dvr-111?

A very nice result for a 16X write!!


TVCD, nice to see you online :wink:

MORI for Professional DVD-R @6x
(Dr.Y.Mori & maxell special product)
[MXL RG03]

This is great, keep the scans comming! :smiley:

TDK -R 16x
TTH02 @16x

Speed drops after 4.2GB.

How about some good old 8X rated media? Mitsubishi, TY, Ricoh …

TY (TDK Branded) -R 4x - “TYG01”
AdvancedMedia(MIJ) -R 4x - “KIC 01RG20”
RICOH +RW 8x@3.3x - “RICOHJPN W21”

Wow, looks like Pioneer has learned from their mistakes. Those are some good scans.

Mitsubishi -R 16x
MCC03RG20 @16x