New Pioneer drive, the first with LIGHTSCRIBE, shown here:

Amazingly they must have a time machine. Check out the manufactured date!


No time machine really, it was announced few months back. :wink:


I think you need to zoom in on the image… :bigsmile:


No I don’t, I can read it clearly. Surprised?? :wink:


Yes, I’m surprised. Surprised that you would mention that it was announced months ago when my point was that the mfg. date shown on the label is five-months into the future!
Must be the english>german brain>english factor again…


Hi :slight_smile:
Perhaps when it was first mentioned it had this date on it then.


Yes, I’ve initially read 2005. lol

So, they brought it back from the future so they can sell it for more bucks now.
At least that’s what I think.

OR the chinese mafia fooled itself by FAKING too much. Muhahaha. :wink:


Must be my thick skull but I’m not sure I get your point, zebadee. Are you saying this is old news and that someone pointed this out in an earlier thread?