Pioneer DVR 110D wont burn past 8x speed

I brought a Pioneer 110D burnerand I have no trouble burner up to 8x, but I can’t get it to burn past 8x. I brought the 80 pin IDE cable and set the drive to master in the second IDE but that doesn’t do a thing, I even unplugged my cd burner, still no change. I updated the firmware to 1.37, nothing. I am using TDK 1-16x DVD+R 50 pack. I have Nero Express, updated to Nero and still can’t burn past 8x. I didn’t get a cd with the burner and noticed it is only using a driver from windows xp sp2, do I need to update the software driver? In Nero express when at ‘final burn setting’ the writing speed can’t be increased past 8x and when clicking options it tells me maximum speed is 8x not 16x. I’ve tried everything that I can think of as you probably have read. I’m not sure if its the burner, the dvds, the software or a combination of both.


Can you tell us what the media code is of dvd+r. Open up nero cd-dvd speed and look at disc info and then post that here.

An example is here:

These are only supported up to 8x.

You could maybe use ala42’s MCSE, use SEARCH to find it.

These seem to be better, but you surely have the others mentioned before.

Chef is right, this media will only burn @ 8x max in the 110, hopefully in the next firmware release they will increase it to 16x.:frowning:

You guys are saying its the media, code CMC MAG.M01, and they are version 1.3 disc whatever that means. But why doesn’t nero express allow me to select past 8x, when the drive supports 16x and when there is no dvd in the drive?

Why? Because Pioneer have not been able to get good burn results over 8x with the current firmware, so they have limited it to a max of 8x (in the firmware) until they can increase the burn quality.
When Pioneer manage to get better results they will release a new firmware which will most likely have improved burn quality and increased burn speed for not just this media code but others as well.

I don’t have a disk in my 110D and nero shows a maximum speed of 6x. I regularly burn above 8x with Fuji and Verbatim media, so the speed shown by nero with no media in the burner is not significant.

BTW, did you check the device driver to make sure the drive is running in Ultra DMA mode 4. I know you are using an 80 wire cable, but I would check anyway.

Its the drives firmware that decides at which speed you can burn the media, not nero.

You should check the media list, you can download it here:

As you can see those discs can burn at x8, even though some 8x, can burn at x12. If it didn’t recognise the 16’s at all it would only burn them at x4!

See the list here if you don’t have acrobat:

Hey modred, my drive is running in Ultra DMA mode 4. Is it ok to have my cd burner and dvd burner both on the 80 pin IDE cable, will it affect my burn speed and quality??


I have my 110D as master and an NEC 3500 as slave on the secondary IDE cable. The 110D is running in udma 4 and the NEC is running in udma 2, and, as previously mentioned, the Pioneer burns at 12x and 16x without problem. I also use the NEC drive a lot, and I haven’t encountered any problems with it either. I wouldn’t think a cd-burner as slave would be a problem, although I can’t claim to be an expert or even close.

Have you tried other media that is on the Pioneer list of approved media. You can buy Verbatim 16x media for $15.00 for 50, and this is good stuff.


I had the same problem with mine when trying to burn at 16x. I downloaded the firmware here and now it works.


I just used nero info tool and found that my pioneer 110d is on slave and not master. I have my jumper on master (dvd) and cable select for my cd burner. I have the blue end of the 80 pin ide cable in motherboard, black end in dvd and grey end in cd burner, is this set up right??

Set your other drive to SLAVE!
Blue into mobo connector, black at the end to MASTER and grey in the middle to SLAVE.

Hi, I’m brand new here. As it turns out I have the EXACT same issue as steggs. The ONLY thing that is different is that my second drive is definitely set on slave and my Pioneer is definitely set on master. Other than that, I have the 1.37 FW, the 80-wire IDE, the TDK Media, Nero 6 Ultra, etc. Are you basically telling us that there are only two solutions: 1. use different media or 2. wait for new FW? If 1 is the case, what is the best media to achieve 16X burning.


If 1 is the case, what is the best media to achieve 16X burning.
Verbatim MCC004 (+R), Verbatim MCC03RG20 (-R). My opinion. :wink:

P.S. nect time, try posting in the relevant section (in this case, the Pioneer forum) :wink:

Or use ala42s MCSE tool, as I already pointed out here.