Pioneer DVR-110D vs NEC ND-3540A burn quality

Some users can’t face the fact that there is something that is possibly better than Pioneer. :wink:

In one thread there was a fight claiming that Pioneer rules and NEC sucks, and that Pioneer offers better support than NEC since NEC has not given out any new firmwares for their ND-3540A. And in the same time it was said that Pioneer stock firmware was both worse or better than stock NEC firmware - depending on which mouth it came from.

So here is some results to compare Pioneer DVR-110D stock 1.08 vs NEC ND-3540A stock 1.01 firmware to see which offers the better writing quality and media support with first stock firmware…

First out is Pioneer DVR-110D with Traxdata 8x DVD-R

Disc serial number: J3-07L23403233204A02 (Disc manufactured 23. March 2004).

Next out is NEC ND-3540A with Traxdata 8x DVD-R

Disc serial number: J3-07L23403233215D02 (Disc manufactured 23. March 2004).

Looks like NEC is the winner quality wise…

Let’s try Taiyo Yuden TYG03 with the Pioneer DVR-110D.

Disc : GH000076

Looks like something is screwed up when scanning with the benq…

And then with the NEC.

Hm, looks like NEC is doing very well…

What about Verbatim MCC03RG20 then? First with the Pioneer DVR-110D.

Disc made by CMC Magnetics in Taiwan.

And now MCC03RG20 with NEC ND-3540A…

According to the writing graph and Benq quality scan the disc and thus quality is not 100% perfect near the end. But overall it still looks like NEC is doing pretty good…

Well, my opinion on which drive that have the best stock first version firmware is unchanged…

Let’s hope Pioneer could do their things right and become a better product soon. :wink:

Thanks Freak! Nec builds a reliable burner with no fuss no muss! I love my 109, but the NEC is idiot proof.
Wonder how the 1640 and 1693 will do in the same test?

wow, seems like pioneer is the best :slight_smile:
“What about Verbatim MCC03RG20 then? First with the Pioneer DVR-110D.”
seems like my choosing of media was the right one,
i got the MCC03G20 now, 25 actally, cause i just wanted to test out media myself… but seems good though…

it beat the NEC with 3 score points… 95% is quite good, no?

I think Chas got a 100 with TY-R and LG! I got a 99 with my 1640/once! LOL //Each burn is different as usual But the 110/109/1640/1655/1693/P6/3550/4550 and LG 1667 seem to do a fine job!

etp, have u burned any Verbatim 16x Advanced AZO+ with your burners?
seriosuly, you got a 99 once? though a 100 is near impossible? Thats like… a perfect burn,lol, nirvana of burning :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 16X verbat in +R and -R but I don’t remember the media code!

I will burn some this weekend man! :cool: