Pioneer DVR-110D v. Pioneer DVR-R100 (compatibility?)

I’ve got a definite newbie question. I’m researching internal DVD burners to put into a tower system as a x-mas gift (so I cant’ tell you much about the system it is going to be installed in). I like the DVR-110D based on reviews, specs and price, but I noticed it is only shown on the Pioneer Australian site. I’m in the United States (and the gift is for someone in the United States). Will I have any compatibility problems? On, bhphoto, etc. they only have the Pioneer DVR-R100 series (listed on the US Pioneer site) which costs about $20 more than the DVR-110D. Do I need the DVR-R100 or is the DVR-110D going to work fine in a US machine? Also, are there some spec differences I’m not picking up on. Thanks.