PIONEER DVr-110D Reading Probalims

hello all my PIONEER DVr-110D some times born dvds and then will not read it its borns ok pass all test’s and then like the next day i play the dvd in the drive it will not show up but if i put it in any dvd drive it works ok so i put all the data back on my hard drive and reborn it and bego its a ok the
whats going on

oo and some times the cd will not read at all like if i born say avi files useing nero disk 1 borns ok cool i put it back in to drive sorry meda is a blank dvd aaa himmm pit it in a dvd reader here you go files himm ok born a dvd agen ok aa agen dvd blank hold on i put it in a dvd reader aa it says the same thing but it says can not read meda but its there i see the dvd born marks all the way to the end or midel any way help meeee
dvds im useing is PRINCO DVD-r 1-4 speed thay only ones i use never hade a prob un tale i upgrade my dvd-rw hah from a PIONEER DVr-109D

i got a p4 2.8ghz
1gb ram duel
PIONEER DVr-110D <<< firmware will not show up >> mfd aug-2005
PIONEER DVD-104sz just a reader
600gb hard drive
:frowning: :a please help :bow:

The DVR-110D seems to be very sensitive to the media you use. Rebranded Philips disks can be burned, and Nero will even verify that the burn was successful. However, when I exit Nero and try to read the disk, it shows up as blank. When I reboot the computer with the disk in the drive, it shows up as blank. When I reboot the computer with the disk in the drive, sometimes the drive shows up as a CD-drive (not as a DVD-RW).

I have the same problems with Verbatim disks, but I can usually get Verbatim disks read properly if I reboot several times without the disk in the drive and then put the disk in.

I have also used the drive under both Windows and Linux. Linux also reads rebranded Philips disks as “blank” even after I have burned data to them. However, Linux reliably reads the burned Verbatim disks.

I have had the drive for about 8 months and started to see problems 2 months ago. Any thoughts on why this might be happening?

Pentium 4 2.2 GHz
512 MB RAM
DVR-110D firmware version 1.41
Nero 7

I just joined this site which I have long been a lurker and browser of, to add my comment on this thread to say I also have the same problem with my Pioneer DVD RW Drive.
My PC is capable, running XP SP2 updated etc. Never had trouble before so It’s saddening but I am already considering a new drive!
I think cleaning is the recommended process to try in this situation so I will try blasting air into the drive first, then I will try opening it and more compressed air. I might even clean the lens inside with fibre free(spectacle cloth) fabric or something. I hear that works too.

I wonder if either of you actually fxed the problem with the drive reading discs or if you just bought another drive and didn’t bother updating this thread?

Different model but same symptoms:

Latest Firmware
Nero 6

Intel Pentium 4 530 3000 MHz
1024 MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM

FaeGiN –

Welcome to the Forum.

Suggest using known proven quality blank DVD Media and I believe your problems will be corrected. Suggest obtaining quality Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden blank Media. As for RW Media it can prove to problematic if previously recorded and not properly erased.

Suggest visiting the CD Freaks Blank Media Forum ( and do some research on known proven high quality blank DVD Media.

Also suggest visiting The Dangerous Brothers (TDB) Web Site and checking out their Pioneer DVR-110 Firmwares ->

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The OP used Princo DVD media, that alone brings many issues to option.