Pioneer DVR-110D Read Problems with Ritek 4x Media

I’d like to start off by saying that I’ve searched and I have heard a MILLION times that Ritek media is “crap” and should never be used. Also, I’d like to preempt any responses to Lite-On burners being terrible, etc. I know all this and I’ve heard it a million times before. :flower:

Anyway, I have a few Ritek 4x discs that I’d burned with my old burner (Lite-On 811S) that cannot be read by my Pioneer DVR-110D (flashed with the latest firmware - 1.41). My Pioneer just shows the drive as being empty as if the discs were blank.

These discs play fine in both my standalone DVD Player and my Xbox and worked fine with my old burner.

I also have some Ritek 8x media that works fine in my Pioneer drive.

Does anyone have any advice about what to try with this. Again, I know that Ritek is “crap” and I’ve been hearing it for years but, quite frankly, I’ve never experienced a single problem using this media in 3 years, having burned DVD backups, backup data, etc. on a number of different burners, standalone players and video game consoles.

Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

Please scan them for quality.

If they appear “as good”, then maybe some driver or software issues here around.

Hey… sorry for the delay in replaying, I was away on vacation. :slight_smile:

How do you mean that I should scan them? Is anyone aware of any potential software/driver issues with Pioneer burners and Ritek 4x media?

I’m using a Shuttle AB69R v2.0 motherboard with Intel P4 chipset. To the best of my knowledge I have the latest drivers installed.

Thanks for reply, chef!

Kinda all starting with Ri… is a pain nowadays.
Maybe you could set the Pio speed lower (drivespeed) and try again.

For PI/PO error scanning you can use DVDInfoPro software or NeroCDSpeed; but Pioneers drives does not scan reliably so better check the discs in another units (best are Plextors, Benq or LiteOn)… For most tricky media I always had good results burning them @ 6x with Pioneer 110.