Pioneer DVR-110D Query?

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I just brought a new 110d to replace my old 108 model, i have always used datawrite dvd-r discs for a long time, mainly the grey classics and some times the yellow ones as well. On my old 108 the complete burn time for a dvd film image has always been 8 minutes. Now on this new 110d writer the same burning process now takes 8 mins and 30 seconds ?

I also reflashed this new writer into the 110 using the latest 1.39 rpc1 firmware, it was on 1.37 as 110d official.

Still takes 8 mins and 30 seconds.

So why is a newer pioneer 110 taking 30 seconds longer than my older 108 model using the same discs. ?

Also after the nero burn is done if you open the drawer, then close the drawer again, i does’nt see the disc properly, it loads up the contents of the dvd, but it should load up the select window, ie play with… , browse etc. But if you reboot then it does load up ok ?

Its not a problem with this actual drive, as i have seen 3 of them doing the same thing, and my friend has the same problem.

It seem to me this latest burner now no longer likes datawrite disc ?

Datawrite dvd’s can vary in qulity - but it also depends on which mid code your media have, Datawrite have used almost all manufactors over the years. My 110 is my old 108 superior, not so much in speed, but in quality of the burn.
About your last question, then it isn’t drive related, but windows related, check the properties of you dvd drive (right click on the dvd drive) - choose the second menu, and choosse the option you want it to perform.

There is no problem. Just have a look at the NEC burners with the same chipset: they approx. need more than 9 mins for the same content at the same speed…

I didn’t want to reply to this thread because it was so frivolous.

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Sorry, I am not trying to hijack this thread but I also have a problem with my new Pioneer DVR-110D.
I installed it into my PC running Windows XP (Asus P4S533-MX motherboard, Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz) but it cannot read anything and not even recognised as a drive by my computer. I checked the status in Device Manager, it says This device cannot start (Error Code 10). I have tried to play around the BIOS and changed the setting in IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, still did not work.
Anyone have any suggestion please?
Thanks for responding.

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I feel like a broken record, Your drive needs an 80 conductor 40 pin cable so that it can run in UDMA mode 4. DMA mode needs to be selected in the bios and in the device manager. You might want to make sure the jumper is set correctly on the back of the drive as well.

How is the drive set up? Secondary IDE master? Is there another drive on the same IDE channel?

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Oh no I am so stupid, apparently it was due to the jumper. I have two DVD Roms and both were set on Master. I have changed it to one master and one slave, it works alright now.

Can happen.

Now enjoy your burner!