Pioneer dvr-110d problems

Hi all
I am new to this forum, and haven’t found help yet, please help me. I have pioneer dvr-110d that is (was) region free. Recently I have rented a movie that wouldn’t play, windows asked me to change my region in order to play, so I did i changed to region 1. Since then I couldn’t record any media. This is what I receive when I try to record “There was an error in the writing process.The disc you have attempted to write may no longer be usable” I have tried two different brand CD-RW and Dvd-RW which are all new. I also have uppgraded the firmwire to 1.41but still cannot record, no problems with reading disks. I would like reset the drive back to region free, is it possible to reset the hardware itself, instead of installing additional prog.

Do you understand what regioncode free means??

You have RPC-1’d your drive, but that is not enough!

And this has nothing to do with burning. Buy better media and use a proper burning prog like Nero.

Get RPC-1 firmware from here .

I had the same problem, I got these errors:
Error L-EC Uncorrecteble error (031105)
Error logical unit communications CRC ultra-dma/32 (040803)

I have tried evry thing from upgrading drivers, switching from primary to secendary, from master to slave, but nothing worker

Thanks guys for your replies. my problem remains unresolved. After I assigned region code to the dvd-drive I cant send files to the driver, first I was getting a message that the medium was too old, today i received “windows encountered a problem…” now it doesn’t even send the files into buffer, is the problem lies in windows or in the hardware? I uppgarded its firmware provided by Pioneer, i tried to DL RPC-1, but no connection to server was established. Thanks for bearing with me, i am really new to this.

Are you trying to write DVDs use Windows built in writer, 'cos that won’t work anyway. This works for CD media only.

That link works fine right now. Try the home page

Hi TimC
I appreciate you came back to this thread to help solve my problem. The fact is I used to use Windows built writer for CD-RW, but now even that doesn’t work. I have tried again to DL and this is the massage I get
"phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database"
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Try this link

I see that there many versions, which one do I need?

I guess you need the 1.41 being the RPC-1 version of the standard firmware.

The 8.nn I think would be Buffalo firmware and will do auto-booktyping of DVD+R media to DVD-ROM.

First, thanks to Wobble for clearing my email adress. Second, TimC, I appreciate you comming back to my thread, however, I have been able to DL the patch and uppgrade my drive, it was successful in removing the region setting, but I still encounter problem when I right click on any item and attempt to send it to CD “Windows encountered a problem when trying to copy…” Again, i didn’t have this problem before i set region code on the drive. I probably will get suggestions to use nero/alc, but that does not solve the problem, I want to understand why happened & how to solve it. Thanks to all you guys for helping me out.

Go into “My Computer”, right click on the DVD-CD drive icon that you want to record to, choose “Properties”, click on “Recording” and make sure that the " Enable CD recording on this drive" box is checked.
I have also found that on my system the first time I click record it gives me an error but if I wait a while and try it again it works. It only does this now an then and it seems to be related to the size of the file I am trying to burn.

I checked my computer, recording is enabled, I tried to send 5MB files to a CD-RW, i get the same message from win. I can’t even format cds in the drive. I have no idea what happened.

HI again
Finally, I have been able to record some data to DVD-RW using MagicIso, but I cannot format/erase the disc, the firmwire removed Zone settings but I can’t figure out why it won’t format disks. Does anyone have any ideas?

Use DVDInfoPro.