Pioneer DVR-110D problems

Hi i’ve been checking out the forum to see if there was any answers to my problem but unfortunately I had no luck hence the reason for my post now.

The problem that i am having with my pioneer is that it cannot read any of my previously burnt DVD’s that i did on my Lite-on SOHW-812S before the lite-on decided that it couldn’t handle DVD’s anymore (another tottally seperate issue)

The pioneer itself burns absolutely fine and plays back cd’s (audio and data) and DVD’s (data,iso’s etc) that were burnt not only by my pioneer dvd drive but any other dvd’s from other sources, but it absolutely refuses to play back anything created on my lite-on, it doesnt crash or lag out the system when i load the dvd into the tray, it just doesn’t acknowledge that anything is in the drive leaving me with the “please insert cd into drive” message.

Now i figured that this maybe down to dodgy burns from my liteon causing the dvd’s not to work but then again these burnt dvd’s all work in every other machine i have put them into and playback is fine and dandy, I have upgraded to the latest pioneer firmware as of 30/11/2005 and still nothing so i was wondering if any of you peeps have any ideas or solutions or explanations to my problem

Thanks for your time.

Type of disc used by the 812s

sorry should of mentioned that before
I used ritex DVDs on my SOHW - burnt at 8 speed usally. They all worked dandy when my liteon liked DVD’s before it gave up on life.

The discs that i used on the lite-on are from the same batch i used for my pioneer burns and i have had a pretty good burn rate with them, and using the dvd’s burnt with my lite-on drive, on other peoples machines causes no problems for them. I just find it odd that the pioneer refuses to acknowledge their existence when they are in the drive but plays other dvd copies and films fine like their is no problem.

Added the pioneer also plays back dvd’s burnt from various other dvd drives and dvd brands fine theirs no issue with that, also the pioneer does not mind playing back cd’s that were created in the Lite-on as well. It’s got me confused